James Madison Statue

Records management is the administrative term for the process of:

  1. the maintenance of currently-active, administratively-useful, public records;

  2. the disposition of public records that no longer serve administrative, legal, fiscal, or historical purposes; and,

  3. the preservation of those records that have historical value or that must be preserved by law or for other reasons.

At James Madison University, records management is governed both by the state’s records management program, Chapter 7, Public Records Act in the Code of Virginia and by JMU policies and procedures, specifically Policy 1109 – Records Management.

Responsibility for the state records management program under the Public Records Act is given to the State Library Board, which delegates the operation of the program to the staff of the Library of Virginia in Richmond. Each state agency is required to designate a records officer/records manager to be responsible for the operation of the records management program at that agency.

At JMU, Leigh Ann Bowles is the University Records Officer. Leigh Ann may be contacted at 540/568-6432 or by email at recordsofficer@jmu.edu.

Information and procedures for records management and disposal may be accessed from links on this page.

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