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Senior Honors Project

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Important Deadlines

Feb 26, 2016: Deadline to submit Pre-Submission Form for May 2016 grads

April 11, 2016: Deadline to submit Senior Honors Project for May 2016 grads

April 15, 2016: Deadline to submit Senior Honors Project application and proposal for May 2017 grads

April 15, 2016: Honors Symposium

Important Forms

Senior Honors Project

For Track I and II Honors students, the Senior Honors Project is the capstone requirement of the Honors Program. For Track III students, it is their entry into the Honors Program. For all Honors students, the Senior project is the culmination of their academic experience at JMU and represents a major accomplishment. Because the project demonstrates advanced work, gaining extensive knowledge of certain aspects of a student's major discipline, students who choose this kind of academic challenge tend to be stronger candidates when applying for graduate schools or professional jobs following graduation. 

All Honors students, working with a faculty mentor and a faculty committee, earn six credit hours in Honors for work that culminates in a significant research or creative project. In many fields the project takes the shape of a written thesis reflecting substantial scholarship and demonstrating outstanding research and writing skills. In other fields, the culminating experience will be a creative work that demonstrates imagination and originality in addition to craftsmanship and professionalism in production.

Testimonials from Honors Alumni

"My honors thesis, though challenging at the time, allowed me to open up my schedule to a nine month long experience in the telecommunications industry which sparked a career that is still evolving."

-- Dave Rennyson, EVP and GM of Cloud at, Honors alum, Economics and History, ‘91

"I did my Senior Honors Project in the History Department and spent months working on a 70-page thesis. It was so tough but rewarding, and only now as a first-year Masters student am I realizing how TRULY rewarding it was to be in the Honors Program. JMU Honors really helped me feel totally prepared for higher education."

-- Mary Ta, Honors alum, History & Justice Studies, '13


senior project deadlines

Completed Projects

A comprehensive list of all completed Senior Honors Projects from 1962 to the present, organized by major.

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