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We would love to visit with you! Please connect with us in one of the following ways. 

Meet Virtually with an Honors Ambassador

Honors Ambassadors showcase the Honors College by sharing how it has contributed to their collegiate experience. Honors students can be found in every corner of campus, and Honors Ambassadors help increase the College’s visibility and impact.

Honors ambassadors talking on ZoomSchedule an appointment
If you are a prospective student and would like to meet with an Honors Ambassador, please email Dr. Alysia Davis to make arrangements. Provide your name, hometown, and prospective major(s) and Dr. Davis will pair you with the Ambassador best-suited to answering your questions.


Visit Campus

Schedule an appointment
If you plan to come to campus in person and would like to speak to an Honors faculty representative or student Honors Ambassador, email Dr. Alysia Davis to make an appointment (physical distancing and mask use is required).

Video Resources

Take a virtual tour of Hillcrest House
If you are curious about the spaces within the Honors College and how you might feel “at home” there, take a couple of minutes to peek in with this virtual tour.

Virtual Resources

Flip through the photo tour of Hillcrest brochure!
Learn what makes Honors and Hillcrest house unique.

Learn more about the Honors College
Our informational brochure will provide additional details/information for all interested students.


Email Dr. Alysia Davis, Director of Student Engagement or learn more about Honors on her Weebly Site. Don’t miss some of the most frequently asked questions about being a student in the Honors College!

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