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The JMU Honors College is pleased to announce its lineup of 2021 study abroad programs.

These courses combine the hallmarks of Honors education--interdisciplinarity, self-directed study, academic rigor--with a global focus on cultural competencies, mutual understanding, and diversity of thought and experience. With exciting destinations in different parts of the world, you can find the program that fits best for you.

These interdisciplinary programs are open to Honors students in all majors.

You must apply to each program individually. If you apply to multiple programs, you must cover multiple application fees. Apply through the CGE website (follow the links below).

NOTE: If you committed to an Honors study abroad program in 2020 that was cancelled, CGE will waive the application fee if you apply to an Honors program in 2021. 

To learn more about these programs, you are encouraged to contact the program directors or Mr. Jared Diener, Director of Honors Advising and Global Initiatives. 


Jared Diener
Director of Honors Advising and Global Initiatives
Hillcrest Annex 1002

Spring 2021:

Maymester 2021:

Summer 2021:

Study at Oxford, Cambridge, St Andrews

JMU Study Abroad

Study Abroad Week

The virtual Study Abroad Week showcases all the great study abroad progams offered by the Center for Global Engagement.

Please visit the Honors session on Friday, Oct. 2 @ 2pm to learn about our programs. There are additional program-specific sessions at 12:15 (Barcelona), 2:30 (Tanzania), and 3:00 (Dominican Republic).

Registration is required to particpate in Study Abroad Week.

Cost and Scholarships

The Honors College offers need-based scholarships to qualifying students. These funds are very limited in 2020-2021.

Application deadline: November 1, 2020. 

Amount of awards: $300, $500, or $1,000 depending on the financial need of the applicant, the cost of the study abroad experience, and the level of available funds.

Award criteria: Awards are based on a combination of financial need, academic merit, quality of scholarship application responses, and level of engagement in the Honors College. Students must:

  • Demonstrate financial need as determined by the Office of Financial Aid
  • Be a first- or second-year student
  • Apply the funds to an Honors College study abroad program

If necessary, preference is given to students who have had limited international travel experience.

Download application.

The Center for Global Engagement offers financial aid for students studying abroad. 

Spring 2021 Programs

These programs incorporate an intensive spring break study abroad experience into a 3-credit spring semester seminar. Offered as HON 300 courses, they count as Honors seminars. The deadline to apply to these programs is November 1, 2020.

Global Citizenship in a Service-Learning Context

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

This seminar focuses on the concept of “global citizenship” in the context of an international service-learning trip. Students will travel to the Dominican Republic (DR) and engage in an intensive service-learning project over spring break. The course seeks to address definitions and issues of global citizenship, development, and service, using the service-learning experience as an aid to learning within the course. Students will also experience/learn about contemporary social, political, cultural and economic conditions within the DR, through service-learning, structured outings, cultural events, guest speakers, coursework and course readings and assignments. Ongoing structured reflection will provide a way for all participants to discover, articulate, integrate and act on what they learn from their experiences.

Dominican Republic is located in the Caribbean and shares an island with Haiti. The project will take place in the city of Santo Domingo, the capital and largest city in the Dominican Republic. In past years, students worked in the education setting, which included teaching and working with school children and build/repair school facilities.

For students pursuing an Honors area of emphasis, this seminar will count for Global Studies and Service and Civic Engagement.

Application Deadline

November 1, 2020

Program Dates

March 6-13, 2021



Maymester 2021
Leadership at Sea: An Exploration of Cross-Cultural Competence

Galveston, TX; Roatan, Honduras; Puerto Costa Maya and Cozumel, Mexico

One important factor in being an effective leader is having a high level of cultural competency. Cultural competency can be defined as the ability to understand, appreciate, and interact with people from cultures different than your own. With over 20 nationalities represented in the workforce of one ship, the cruise industry is the perfect environment to observe intercultural experiences where the US context is not the norm.

As a part of this course, students will learn about cultural competency in the workplace and how increasing this competency can increase leadership effectiveness.

During a 7 night cruise, we will visit: Galveston, Texas; Roatan, Honduras; Puerto Costa Maya, Mexico; Cozumel, Mexico. There will also be two days cruising aboard the ship. During these days students will be able to complete assignments and attend classes aboard the ship.

For students pursuing an Honors area of emphasis, this seminar will count for Leadership and Global Studies.

Application Deadline

November 1, 2020

Program Dates

May 9-16, 2021

Program Directors


Summer 2021 Honors Seminars Abroad

Honors seminars abroad allow students to explore a new and exciting part of the world for three or four weeks during the summer while earning six academic credits and fulfilling the Honors seminar requirement. These programs travel in May and/or June.

Academic work for these programs begins in the spring semester. Two-hour, bimonthly meetings incorporate preparatory readings, discussion, and written assignments. This spring coursework lays the foundation for the study abroad experience in the summer. Once abroad, the seminars combine daily classwork with field trips, activities, and events.

Honors seminars abroad incorporate self-directed research and reflective projects.

Focusing on Sustainability with a Global Perspective in Tanzania

Arusha, Shirati, Tanzania

Tanzania, East Africa is considered to be the “Cradle of Mankind” due to the archeological finds dating back 2-3.6 million years. The Bantu tribes are known to have inhabited the area as early as 200 years ago and their language forms the base of the Swahili language. The beautiful Serengeti spans Northern Tanzania. Included in the program is a three day safari through the Serengeti where giraffes, elephants, and lions will be seen in their natural habitat.

The course experience will begin with bi-weekly two-hour meetings on campus during the spring of 2021 semester. Students will use this semester to delve into the history, culture, and development of Tanzania. They will work closely with contacts from Shirati in the Mara Region of Tanzania and Arusha in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania to research and develop projects to enhance the sustainability of resources in the regions. Instructors will work closely with students to identify needs in the area and propose projects that will have enduring effects on the surrounding area. As part of the preparation for the program, Swahili lessons will be provided and students will be expected to practice the language to gain at least a minimal proficiency.

Check out the program video here!

Application Deadline

November 1, 2020

Program Dates

Spring 2021 bimonthly meetings: W 5-7 PM in CHBS 4041

Summer 2021: May 29-June 20



Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Though an important part of Spain, Barcelona is proud of its independent Catalan identity and language. The city has long been an intellectual and artistic hub, and, in the twentieth century, the city saw an efflorescence of modern art, political consciousness, and revolutionary politics. Both the unique aspects of Barcelona and its ties to the rest of the country will be explored during the study abroad program. We will particularly focus on key moments in twentieth century Barcelona history: the Catalan renaissance generating Gaudi’s architecture; Catalan modernists, notably Dali, Miro and Picasso; the 1929 International Exhibition; the Spanish Civil War; the Franco era (1939-75); and the transition to democracy in 1975.

Through guided visits of the Museum of Catalan History and the Museum of the City of Barcelona and to key Gaudi sites and many other city locations, students will be exposed to the character of the metropolis and its history. Day trips include a visit to the Dali Museum in Figueres, the striking monastery of Montserrat, accessed by train and cable cars, and local beaches.

The program instructors represent the disciplines of History and Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, both with an expertise in Spanish Studies. Students will be assigned both historical texts and translated Spanish literature. Course work in Barcelona includes student presentations at historical sites, daily readings, and weekly student writing assignments. For the final project, due after the program concludes, students choose their topic related to themes covered in the course and produce a traditional academic paper or a digital essay. No Spanish language training necessary but is advantageous. All instruction will be in English.

Check out the program presentation here!

Application Deadline

November 1, 2020

Program Dates

Spring 2021 bimonthly meetings: TBA

Summer 2021: June 9-30



Oxford, Cambridge, and St Andrews

Honors students are particularly suited to the rigorous academic culture of Britain's most prestigous universities: the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge in England and the University of St Andrews in Scotland.

Oxford and St Andrews are semester programs; participants take part in tutorials or small classes across a wide range of topics and earn credits that fulfill major, minor, General Education, Honors, or elective requirements at JMU. At the University of Cambridge, students can select two- or four-week summer courses that can also fulfill major, degree and Honors requirements.

These opportunities are available to all JMU students who qualify; Honors students can receive credits that double count towards the Honors minor. 

Students interested in studying at these universities in 2021 or 2022 should start planning early. Meet with Mr. Jared Diener soon to begin the process.


Jared Diener
Director of Honors Advising and Global Initiatives
Hillcrest Annex 1002


Vary. Visit here for more information or contact Mr. Diener.

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