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MADtalks are fun, interesting, and inspiring talks given by students, faculty, alumni, and friends of JMU and the Honors College. Sponsored and organized by the Madison Honors Leadership Council, MADtalks are open to everyone in the JMU community.


Fall 2016 Lineup

Sep. 14: "Why We're All Jealous of Freshmen," Dr. Mark Warner, Senior Vice President for Student Affairs

Sep. 29: "Kill vs. No Kill Animal Shelters," Lauren Watson, Volunteer Coordinator, Rockingham-Harrisonburg SPCA

Oct.: Josh Roesch, JMU Student (Topic: Voting/active citizenship)

Nov. 15: Emily Hall, JMU Alumna (Topic: Working With Teenagers)

Dec. 5: Dan Miller, JMU Student (Topic: Giving)

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