Current JMU students who are not in Tracks I or II but would like to pursue independent research leading to the completion of the Honors capstone project are eligible to enter the program through Track III. The Honors capstone project allows students with initiative and intellectual maturity to work with a faculty advisor of their choice. The final product will reflect substantial scholarship or creative work that demonstrates expert skill or knowledge, imagination, and/or craftsmanship. A degree With Distinction in the major field is awarded to students completing this project with a grade of or better.

Admission to Track III is open to those juniors, including transfer students, with at least a cumulative GPA of 3.5 who give sufficient evidence of initiative and intellectual maturity. A minimum 3.25 GPA must be maintained through graduation to remain in good standing with the Honors College. Failure to meet these standards or violation of the University Honors Code will be grounds for dismissal.

How to Apply
  • Register for 499A in the second semester of the junior year through the department of your major. Contact your departmental Honors faculty liaison for details.
  • Identify a faculty advisor and two readers. 
  • Submit to the Honors College office an Honors capstone project application and proposal, with requisite signatures, by the stated deadline.

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