Thank you for your interest in joining the Honors College. You may apply to Track II Honors at any time.

Track II Application Deadlines

  • December 15
  • March 31
  • 1st Wednesday of the fall semester

Application Instructions

  1. Prior to the next deadline, declare the Honors Interdisciplinary Studies minor on MyMadison.
    (See program plan changes tutorial for assistance.)
  2. Submit the Track II Honors application to
    (Include "Current Student Track II Application" in the subject line of your email.)
  3. Application review will take place directly following the deadlines listed above. Successful applicants will have their Honors Interdisciplinary Studies minor declaration approved on MyMadison, and will receive official notification via email.

If you have questions, please conact the Honors College Academic Advisor at 540-568-6503 or via email.

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