Mission Statement

To develop a diverse community of inquisitive and aspirational learners from all parts of campus through distinctive and challenging educational experiences.


To be recognized as an inclusive space where people come together for exciting teaching and learning experiences.



Acting with virtue and knowledge (or wisdom), seeking fulfillment, and living up to your full potential.

Complex problem-solving

Complex problems have multiple causes and impacts that interconnect a wide range of domains of human experience and knowledge. Solving such problems requires cognitive flexibility, a creative and analytical mindset, and a willingness to seek insight and understanding across disciplinary boundaries.


The act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality.


The study and application of knowledge that brings together the distinctive components of two or more disciplines.


To work with others in an intellectual and/or creative endeavor. 

Ethical leadership

We value purposeful action to effect positive change within our community and the world. We value leadership that is grounded in ethical concern and empathy towards others.

Active and informed citizenship

Preparing students to become active citizens in a representative democracy by fostering civic knowledge and skills, self-awareness, a global mindset, efficacy in working for the common good, an ability to meaningfully engage with the community, and critical reflection.

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