The University Health Center Pharmacy is staffed by a licensed pharmacist and pharmacy technician. It offers prescription medications from the health center formulary for JMU students written by licensed medical providers from the University Health Center, Counseling Center, and Intercollegiate Athletics.

The UHC Pharmacy does not fill prescriptions written by off-campus medical providers at this time.

Over-the-counter medicines and medical products are available for purchase by students, faculty and staff.

How to refill your prescription at the Health Center Pharmacy

(only for prescriptions written by an on-campus provider):

Several days BEFORE you are to run out of medication, either:

  • Call the Health Center Pharmacy at 540-568-5553.  Speak to a pharmacy staff member and tell them that you would like a refill of your prescription. The staff member will ask a couple of questions including when you will be picking up your prescription. 


  • Log into MyJMUHealth and select Forms. Then select Online Pharmacy Refill Request. Complete the request and submit.

It’s that simple.  Then just show up at the time you selected and pick up your prescription.


The University Health Center Pharmacy is located in the Student Success Center at 724 South Mason Street on the first floor.

Parking, drop-off circle, bus stops and bike racks

Students visiting the Health Center are eligible to receive a code for free parking in the Pay-By-Space area on the second floor of the Mason Street Parking Deck. To obtain the code, call 540-568-6178 when you have a health center appointment. Students may also park in other nearby lots in accordance with normal parking regulations.

Bus stop locations near the Health Center include Miller Hall, the Student Success Center, and the intersection of Mason Street and Martin Luther King, Jr. Way.

A drop-off circle is located in front of the Health Center entrance, accessible from Mason Street; vehicles may not be left unattended in the drop-off circle.

Bike racks are located at the Urgent Care entrance and both Student Success Center entrances.


What to bring

  • JACard
  • List of medicines you are currently taking

Health insurance

The UHC currently does not accept any insurance as a form of payment. 

Payment Options

  • Cash
  • Check made payable to JMU (A state mandated $50 fee will be assessed for any check returned by the bank.)
  • Declining balance on JACard (usually referred to as FLEX)
  • Discover, MasterCard, or Visa credit card in your name
  • Flexible Spending Account Cards (health flex benefits card)
  • Android Pay
  • Apple Pay

Medication Questions and Information

If you have questions about your medication, or need to speak to a pharmacist, call 540-568-5553 during business hours.

Side Effects: Contact your healthcare provider for medical advice regarding side effects.  You may also report side effects directly to the FDA: (800)FDA-1088 or (800)-332-1088. A helpful site that provides a searchable drug database offering comprehensive, easy-to-read information on more than 700 medications.

PLEASE NOTE: Mixing various prescription and non-prescription medications, including supplements and vitamins, can result in serious, life-threatening drug interactions.  NEVER take prescription medications not prescribed to you by a licensed medical professional.  Make sure to tell your healthcare provider and pharmacist all the medications, supplements, and vitamins you are taking, even if they seem harmless to you.  Sharing your prescription medications with friends and/or family may result in dangerous health consequences for them, and serious legal complications for you.

Patient rights & responsibilities

The University Health Center strives to make its programs and services as accessible and inclusive as possible. Please let a staff member know if accommodations are needed or if the University Health Center is difficult to access for any reason.

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