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Application Deadline

The application will open in Sept 15 and the deadline is January 15.

The application is a TWO-PART process. The CSD program at JMU participates in the Communication Sciences and Disorders Central Application Service known as CSDCAS.  In order to be considered for admission, you must also complete an application through CSDCAS.

All applicants are encouraged to visit our website at for complete instructions. Follow all instructions carefully.

Program Begins



Send official transcripts to JMU only if offered admission, you will be directed and required to submit to the JMU Graduate School an official transcript from any institution from which a degree has been awarded to finalize your admission. Transcripts are considered official if they are sent to JMU directly from the issuing institution.

Required by Program

Applicants are required to complete an application through CSDCAS and JMU.

Applicants will submit through CSDCAS:

  • Completion of two essays; see essay prompts in CSDCAS application
  • Completion of the experiences and achievements sections
  • Official transcripts
  • Two letters of recommendation. At least one letter should be from a faculty member. The second letter can be from an employer or from a leader in an extracurricular organization (e.g., athletics, community agency, on and off-campus clubs etc.). We are looking for your letter writers to provide evidence of your critical-thinking skills, and interpersonal skills, such as compassion, collaboration, adaptability, resilience, and openness to feedback. Letter writers should not be friends or family members.
  • Note that JMU is no longer requiring GRE scores

Please note:

Online Application
International Applicants

International Graduate Information

Details regarding transcripts and credential evaluations from non-US academic institutions can be found on the Transcripts & Credential Evaluation webpage. 


This program meets the educational requirements for licensure or certification in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Please refer to the JMU Professional Licensure Program Status by Jurisdiction Index to determine if this JMU program meets the educational requirements specified by the associated licensing or certification agency in the state or territory in which you are located and other states and territories. Requirements vary by state and are subject to change. The information provided is current as of the review date indicated in the table.

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