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Degrees Completed Outside of the United States

Because academic programs vary among countries, students who complete degree programs outside of the United States may be required to submit a course-by-course evaluation of the work completed to earn their degree. We accept credential evaluations from any agency that is a current active member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services NACES).

Applicants are permitted to submit unofficial documentation of their prior course work during the initial admission review. However, applicants should consider that your admission review is based on the materials that you provide to us, and you are more likely to be admitted when you provide us information that allows us to be confident about your prior experiences. So please consider:

  • The best information you can send us is a course-by-course credential evaluation from a NACES member agency.

  • If the curriculum for your degree is similar to programs offered in the United States, then a copy of university document that shows the courses you have taken and your grades will be acceptable if this document is in English.

  • If your course-by-course record is not in English, we will accept an unofficial English translation. Please send a copy of your course record in the official university language and also an English language translation. List the courses you have taken and the grades you have earned. Keep in mind that while we will accept this form of documentation, this may not be considered strong evidence of prior academic work by some program admission committees. Admission committees have the right to not accept a candidate because they do not have sufficient evidence of preparation for graduate school which includes their prior course history.

As described above, transcripts from universities in the United States and official course-by-course credential evaluations for universities outside of the United States are considered the best documentation of prior academic work. We advise applicants to submit the best documentation available, given their circumstances.

Admitted students who are accepted based on unofficial documentation, and students who completed credential evaluations prior to the completion of their degree, will be required to submit an official credential evaluation by the end of their first semester of enrollment.

Acceptable Credential Evaluation Services

You may use any one of these services.

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