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Participation in professional conferences, meetings and creative competitions is critical to graduate students’ professional development. The Graduate School is pleased to offer a competitive and selective travel grant program that provides support for graduate students to share their scholarly and creative work with their professional communities.

  • Full time Graduate students who are currently enrolled and in good standing at James Madison University and be one of the identified authors/presenters who contributed to the work are eligible to apply.
  • Students may apply more than once if their initial grant application is unsuccessful. However, students may only receive one travel grant in a given academic year.
Types of Travel Grants
  • In light of COVID-19, and the limitations on conference gathering and travel, Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 travel grants may be awarded for up to the cost of registration fee for an online seminar or conference in which a student participates as a presenter or facilitator. 
  • Regional Grant: $200
  • National Grant: $500
  • International Grant: $700
Application Deadlines
  • September 30
  • January 15
  • March 31
Evaluation Criteria
  • Quality of described work
  • Significance of project
  • Impact on professional development
  • Quality of overall application
Description of Grants

Type of Award



Online/Virtual Conference Registration

Cost of the registration fee for presenters/facilitators

 Up to the cost of the registration fee. Cannot be used in addition to funding from the academic unit for registration fees. 

Regional Travel

Students traveling to a conference in the District of Columbia, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and southern Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh & Philadelphia)


National Travel

Students traveling within the United States (not including Hawaii and Alaska) to states that are not listed in the regional travel guidelines.



International Travel

Travel outside of the United States, and to Hawaii and Alaska.


Application Submitted By:

Review Will Begin On:

Notifications will be emailed by:

September 30

October 1

October 16

January 15

January 16

February 6

March 31

April 3

April 17

Travel reimbursement is limited to permitted expenses as defined by university policy, requires prior authorization, and will require proper documentation of expenses. Students receiving grants should discuss their travel plans in advance with the staff member in their academic department who assists with travel reimbursements. Upon completion of travel, TGS will transfer funds to your academic department to permit the reimbursement of expenses. All reimbursements are handled through the student’s academic department. It is the student’s responsibility to complete all university required authorization and reimbursement forms in their academic department.

To apply for a grant, there are two steps to the process: 1) Carefully complete the application linked below (must be typed to be considered), save the completed .pdf file, and then submit the .pdf document to The Graduate School at grad@jmu.edu. The electronic submission should not be a scanned file of the printed document; it must be the .pdf that you have saved once you have completed the application form. 2) After submitting electronically, print it out, obtain the necessary signatures, and bring the completed form to The Graduate School office on the 4th floor of Madison Hall. Applications may be submitted any time and will be considered on September 15, January 15, and March 31. Students Receiving grants will be notified by e-mail approximately two weeks following these review dates.

Travel Grant Timeline and Process
timeline and process

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