The Ethical Reasoning in Action assessment protocol is unique and was developed by the Center for Assessment and Research Studies (CARS) centered on the Student Learning Outcomes for the program. Students' ethical reasoning skills are assessed using custom-written instruments every year, beginning in fall 2013, as part of JMU's regular Assessment Days.

Assessment Results

2018-2019 Annual Assessment Report, prepared by Caroline Prendergast, M.Ed., Jeanne Horst, Ph.D., Chi Hang Au, M.A., and Jessica Jacovidis, Ph.D.

2017-2018 Executive Summary, prepared by Chi Au, M.A., Jessica N. Jacovidis, Ph.D., Allison Ames, Ph.D., and Madison Holzman, M. Ed. 

2016-2017 Executive Summary, prepared by Madison Holzman, M.Ed., Allison Ames, Ph.D, and Liz Pyburn, M.A.

2015-2016 Executive Summary, prepared by Liz Pyburn, M.A., Kristen Smith, M.A., and Allison Ames, Ph.D.

2014-2015 Executive Summary, prepared by Kristen Smith, M.A. Keston Fulcher, Ph.D., and Liz Pyburn, M.A.

2013-2014 Executive Summary, prepared by Bo Bashkov, M.A., Kristen Smith, M.A., Keston Fulcher, Ph.D., and Elizabeth Sanchez M.A. 

Full technical reports for each year are available upon request. Please email

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