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In addition to receiving millions of dollars in research funding each year, CSM faculty received the Outstanding Faculty Award from the State Council for Higher Education for Virginia in 2013, 2016, 2017, and 2018 and are recognized nationally with prestigious awards. More locally, our faculty are also recognized for their excellence by the university. 

National Award Winners

Dreyfus Teacher-Scholars

Nathan Wright, Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2018 

Gina MacDonald, Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2003 and 2018 

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Cottrell Scholars

Paul Raston, Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2019 

Ashleigh Baber, Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2017 

Gina MacDonald, Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2018 

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AAAS Fellows

Linette Watkins, Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2019 

Cynthia Bauerle, Professor of Biology, 2013 

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ACS Fellows

Linette Watkins, Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2014 

Barbara Reisner, Chemistry and Biochemistry, 2016 

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GSA Fellows

Steve Leslie, Geology and Environmental Science, 2015

Eric Pyle, Geology and Environmental Science, 2019 

Kristen St. John, Geology and Environmental Science, 2016 

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JMU Award Winners

Roberts Endownment for Faculty Excellence Award

Klebert Feitosa, Physics and Astronomy, 2020 

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Goodman Faculty Award

Shane McGary, Geology and Environmental Science, 2020 

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