Goodman Faculty Fellowship Endowment Award Criteria 

The Goodman Faculty Fellowship Endowment Award is given to full-time instructional faculty members for a period of one year. Selection for the award will be based on criteria expressed by the donors as well as those established by the Academic Council.

Criteria for Award

Donor wishes – A nominee must possess a record of excellence in any of the following:

  • Teaching and/or scholarly, creative activity.
  • Curriculum development.
  • Technology enhancements.
  • Professional development initiatives.
  • Integration of teaching and scholarship to benefit student learning process.

Academic Council guidelines:

  • Full-time instructional faculty.
  • Three to five years of service at JMU.


Nominations: Colleges are invited to make one nomination for each award. Nominations must be made through the dean and supported by the nominee’s academic unit.  Documents to be included in the nomination packets are described below. Nominations are submitted to the Vice Provost for Research and Scholarship by March 9, 2018 and award decisions will be made by March 30, 2018.


  • Selection committee includes: Vice Provost for Research and Scholarship (chair), Faculty Senate representative and two members from Academic Council appointed by Provost.
  • Committee recommends recipients to the Provost who makes award.
  • Nomination packets are due by March 9, 2018 and should include the faculty member’s current CV and a nomination letter of no more than three pages from the dean, unit head or unit PAC addressing the nominee’s record of accomplishment in one or more of the award criteria.   
  • Selection will occur by March 30, 2018.


  • Terms of award:  one-year award, non-renewable.
  • Award use:  May be used as a salary supplement or to support instruction or research.

Guidelines for preparation of nomination letter

A nominee must possess a record of excellence in any of five areas of scholarly endeavor: teaching and/or scholarly/creative activity, curriculum development, technology enhancements, professional development initiatives, integration of teaching and scholarship to benefit student learning process. Nomination letters should discuss candidates’ accomplishments at JMU and in the profession, demonstrating clear evidence of the nature, level, and/or degree of a nominee’s contributions.  Examples may address instruction, student development and learning, the use of technology in teaching, scholarly works (objective, subjective, and/or artistic), scholarly activities (new knowledge and research), curricular development, interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary activity, meaningful connections between a nominee’s scholarship and teaching, application of knowledge and expertise in the contexts of the university, community, society or professional service. 

Goodman Faculty Award Recipients


Dr. Julie Strunk
Associate Professor, Nursing 

Dr. Matthew Rebhron

Professor, English



Dr. Brycelyn Boardman
Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry 

Dr. Kyle G. Gipson
Assistant Professor, Engineering



Dr. Lori L. Britt
Assistant Professor, Communication Studies

Dr. Deborah C. Sturm
Assistant Professor, Graduate Psychology


Dr. Amanda Cleveland
Assistant Professor, Political Science

Dr. Carmen Ruth Bosch
Assistant Professor, Educational Foundations and Exceptionalities 


Dr. Stephanie B. Stockwell
Assistant Professor, Integrated Science and Technology

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