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Heather Coltman 2020
Dr. Heather Coltman
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

A Message from the Provost

Hello colleagues, 

While we’re not quite in crisp territory yet, the early mornings this week have been satisfyingly cool. After a few false starts, it feels like fall is actually here, so break out your favorite office cardigan or a beloved mug to make the switch to hot coffee and tea – it’s cozy season. That cup of coffee actually connects to some of the research found in some of your colleagues’ recent achievements.

  • If you’re interested in photography and the relationship between audience and artist, be sure to listen to School of Art, Design and Art History Professor Rebecca Silberman’s segment “Miniatures and Illusions” on With Good Reason. The segment, part of a larger episode interrogating human perception of images and reality, distills Silberman’s ongoing work as a photographer, researcher and instructor.

  • Associate Professor of Middle, Secondary, and Mathematics Education Sarah Lupo recently co-authored “A Mixed-Methods Investigation of Third and Sixth Graders’ Academic Sentence Knowledge” in the Journal of World Languages. The study investigated how native English-speaking third and sixth grade students formulated cohesive ties in academic sentences.

I love hearing from you, so please keep those accomplishments, comments and inquiries coming! You can email provost@jmu.edu or submit a question anonymously through the Ask the Provost option online.


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