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Heather Coltman 2020
Dr. Heather Coltman
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

A Message from the Provost

Dear Colleagues,

I’m sure I’m not the only person well aware that spring break, while rapidly approaching, is still over a week away. As much as I love our academic environment, I’m looking forward to some spring break travel: I find that a change in scenery helps me to disconnect and relax before jumping into the remainder of the semester. I hope you are planning some downtime for yourself. As several of your colleagues remind us in this piece on mental health days, we must be intentional in finding ways to recharge because this will help us nurture both our professional and personal selves. As we prep to find that balance, take some time now to share in your colleagues’ successes.

Please keep submitting accomplishments by you and your colleagues, as well as comments and inquiries. You can email or submit a question anonymously through the Ask the Provost option online.



Question for the Provost?

Academic Affairs faculty and staff can use these feedback features to contact the provost directly about operation of the division.

This is an open line of communication that allows faculty and staff to express their questions, but it is not a substitute from the crucial interactions you have with your academic unit head, department head and dean.

Students should contact with questions.

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