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Heather Coltman 2020
Dr. Heather Coltman
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

A Message from the Provost

Dear Colleagues, 

Welcome back! I hope the first week of your spring semester classes has been energizing as re-connect with your colleagues and students. As campus fills again with activities and people, I must once again recognize the dedication and enthusiasm each of you contributes to the start of a new year.

Spring 2023 promises to be a busy and productive time as the division continues its work centered on the three touchstones I first highlighted in the fall:

  • We’re making significant advancement on the Academic Affairs Strategic Plan, our road map for the next five Look for more information on the strategic goals in the next few weeks.
  • Results from the Climate Study continue to drive research, development and changes within the division and across the university. Each day, thanks to the participation of leadership, faculty and staff, we are moving closer to our goal of a more inclusive community.  
  • Academic Affairs is still championing recommendations from the President’s Task Force for Racial Equity. By combining those recommendations with findings from the Climate Study and the COACHE Study, we are able to focus on issues that will most benefit our people and our environment.

Thank you for your commitment to our students, to each other and to the advancement of JMU. Wishing you a successful spring semester.


Heather Coltman  

To increase transparency and eliminate some common misunderstandings about the operation of the division, I've added this anonymous feedback feature.

This is an open line of communication that allows faculty and staff to express their questions, but it is not a substitute from the crucial interactions you have with your academic unit head and dean.

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