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Heather Coltman 2020
Dr. Heather Coltman
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

A Message from the Provost

Dear Colleagues, 

I'm always excited to begin a new academic year, and this one is going to be terrific.

I could list a dozen more initiatives and programs we're gearing up for this year, but there are three touchstones that I’m most excited about: 

Prioritizing the Academic Affairs Strategic Plan 

The AASP is our roadmap, collectively developed by and agreed upon by the division, for the work we are doing.

Actively Responding to the Climate Study 

This spring, we received the results of JMU's first-ever climate study. We learned a lot, and a large, university-wide team is working to implement responses to its findings.  

I urge you to become familiar with the climate study report. There are some systemic issues that we can’t change overnight, but we’re using this report to prioritize our goals and make real change. 

Implementing Recommendations from the Task Force for Racial Equity 

You’ll hear more about the recommendations from the President's Task Force on Racial Equity. The group was established in Fall 2020, and its members identify strategies and actions to promote racial justice and a welcoming environment at JMU for all.

These initiatives identify and emphasize the value of what higher education is and what we do. 

I enourage you to seek out your own touchstones to motivate and inspire you.


Heather Coltman 

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