Snow Day on the Quad

When Classes Are Canceled

When it is necessary to cancel classes due to weather or other emergencies, faculty have several options for making up the missed instructional time.

  1. Faculty can hold class at the regularly scheduled time on the official university makeup day.
  2. Faculty can hold class at a time acceptable to all class members other than the regularly scheduled time or the official make-up day. Time and location will be arranged by the academic unit.
  3. Faculty can accommodate the missed instructional time within remaining class meeting time.  
  4. Faculty can hold class through electronic means during the official makeup day or at another time acceptable to all class members.

No courses, including online courses, may be held while the university is closed. 

If the university is closed because of inclement weather conditions or other emergencies, faculty may not require students to attend events, classes, laboratories or any other functions on campus.

Individual instructors will determine the option for making up class time. Students should contact their instructors with questions specific to their class.

Students can also email with general questions.

See University Policy 1309 for more details on JMU’s responses to inclement weather.


Scheduled Makeup Days

The makeup day for classes canceled on Jan. 16 is Jan. 27.

The makeup day for classes canceled on Jan. 19 is Jan. Feb. 3.



Faculty with religious or cultural observances on a planned makeup day will be accommodated and may make other arrangements. 

Faculty are required to give reasonable and appropriate accommodations to students requesting them, as stated in the Faculty Handbook, III.A.17. 


This information is current for Spring 2024 and supersedes any previous guidance related to closings. 

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