About our work with the community 

  • The College of Science and Mathematics has a meaningful impact on our local, regional, and global community. Our faculty and students are at the heart of these efforts devoting their time to sharing enthusiasm for their areas of interest, listening to what the needs are in our community, and receiving grant funding to develop opportunities to match those needs.
  • As you will see in on our department-driven community pages below, each academic program has a unique strength they bring to CSM's role in engagement for the public good. 
  • Most of our programs have no or very minimal cost and we prioritize making the opportunities accessible to all members of our community with special effort to engage those who often face barriers to STEM exposure, achievement, and literacy.
Department-Driven Community Engagement

See the many ways in which CSM faculty and students work with others sharing similar interests and expertise to make a difference in the community.

Center for STEM Education and Outreach

See how CSM faculty and students are engaging K-12 students in STEM education in collaboration with other colleges across campus.

Professional and Continuing Education programs

See the many youth programs offered through JMU's Office of Professional and Continuing Education that provide opportunities for CSM faculty and students to engage with our local community.

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