The CSM, in conjunction with the College of Integrated Science and Engineering, has completed Phase One of the Environmental Data Science cohort hire and welcomes the new faculty members below to their respective Colleges.

In total, we hope to hire seven tenure-track faculty who will work collaboratively across disciplines to develop curricula and research programs at the intersection of data science, climate sciences, and environmental analytics. This team will work collaboratively to engage our students in cross-disciplinary environmental research. 

For information on on our 2022-2023 search for the additional four EDS cohort members, please see our Careers page.

Dr. Leone Brown
  • Home Department: CSM, Department of Biology 
  • Research Areas: Dr. Brown holds a Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolution and specializes in urban, disease, landscape, and population ecology as well as bird and butterfly natural history and environmental and health data science. 

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Dr. Xiaojing Tang
  • Home Department: CISE, School of Integrated Sciences
  • Research Areas: Dr. Tang holds a Ph.D. in Geography and specializes in geospatial analysis and modeling for environmental and social applications, time series analysis, and data fusion. 

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Dr. Dhanuska Wijesinghe
  • Home Department: CSM, Department of Geology & Environmental Science
  • Research Areas: Dr. Wijesinghe holds a Ph.D. in Plant and Environmental Sciences and specializes in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), soil erosion modeling, field soil characterization, and hydrology and coastal wetland systems

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