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Computing is an essential element of academic life, enabling study, research and personal communication. You will use computers for email, browsing the Internet, registering for classes, using library resources, and more.

These resources are just a “quick start”. Check out the entire listing of services provided by Information Technology. 

All students are required to abide by the University’s computing policies.

Summer Springboard FAQs

Will I need a computer?

Yes, a current Windows or Mac computer. There are also Windows and Mac computer labs available for student use. 

Note: some departments and areas of study require laptops, or specialized programs may require a certain make/model computer, see the Specific Recommendations https://www.jmu.edu/bookstore/computers/recommendations.shtml#Specific

How many computer labs do you have?

More than 600 Windows and Mac computers are available in computer labs throughout campus; two labs are open 24/7. Three assistive technology labs are also available. All labs offer a wide variety of software and printing (debited from your FLEX account) to provide students with technology resources needed for preparing assignments, conducting research and other academic needs.

What kind of computer (Dell or Apple) should I purchase?

Both Windows and Mac computers are used at JMU. The choice between these two types depends on your personal preference and field of study. For example, students majoring in media arts and design primarily use Mac computers. Students majoring in business or engineering primarily use Windows computers. 

Visit the Madison CyberZone at the JMU Bookstore online. They sell computers based on the Recommendations by Major. The CyberZone is also an authorized repair center for Apple and Dell computers.

Why should I purchase a computer from the JMU Bookstore? 

The Bookstore offers academic pricing on Dell and Mac computers, and provides warranty hardware repair. Information Technology and the Bookstore work closely together to ensure their computer configurations meet JMU academic needs and receive the highest level of support available on campus. All of the Bookstore computers include a 3 or 4 year warranty and can be serviced right on campus.

I already have a computer. Can I use that?

Yes, if it meets minimum specification requirements. 

What software will I need?

  • JMU Email – the official means of communication is free to students through Office 365 and available throughout their career at JMU
  • Microsoft Office – free to incoming students offered through Office 365
  • File Storage (One Drive) – free to incoming students offered through Office 365 and is available as long as you are actively enrolled in the university
  • Various colleges may also require some specialized software; check with your department/bookstore

Does JMU provide any two factor authentication devices?

Yes. Most students use their cell phone as their primary two factor device. As a backup, we recommend students purchase a hardware token through the JMU Bookstore in case their phone is lost, broken or not charged.

Can I use my own antivirus software

Yes. Free versions of antivirus/anti-malware software are available from Avast, AVG, and Sophos, as well as other vendors. Microsoft Windows Defender is included with Windows 10 computers.

What can I do if my computer gets a virus?

Take it to the Bookstore for clean-up. This is a fee-based service.

Can I use my own Microsoft Office software that I got elsewhere?


Do I need a printer?

This is personal preference. Pay-for-print is available in all IT labs, as well as Carrier and Rose Libraries. Various locations around campus have pay-for-print printing kiosks. Wireless printing is also available.

Is there wireless in the residence halls?

Yes, each room has wireless access for up to 7 devices per occupant. For additional information and to get started visit MyResNet, call (855) 410-7377; or email support@myresnet.com.

Can I bring a router to use in the Residence Halls?

No, wireless routers are prohibited due to interference and security concerns.

Do you have any employment opportunities in IT?

Yes, the IT Help Desk, Test Scoring, and Computing Labs positions are posted on JobLink.

How can I contact the IT Help Desk?

  • Online: IT Service Portalsubmit a ticket or search for answers in the knowledge base
  • Email: helpdesk@jmu.edu- provide eID, phone number and specific details
  • In Person: 4th floor, Student Success Center
  • Phone:(540) 568-3555
Before Coming to Campus

Getting connected to the Internet

Students may connect to JMU’s network from your residence halls using in-room Ethernet connections or wireless connections or from various locations around campus. Once you’ve received your housing assignment, using your @dukes.jmu.edu email address, register for an account at www.MyResNet.com. It’s a great idea to get this set up before arriving on campus so you can login and access the wired and/or wireless network on the day you arrive.

Bring a laptop

Students can bring a computer from home, but it must meet minimum specifications.

And students may purchase a computer from Madison CyberZone at the JMU Bookstore. Students who wish to purchase new computers should consider the recommendations provided by Information Technology and the JMU Academic Departments.

Download software

IT provides a list of available software for students, including Microsoft Office for free as long as you are an enrolled student at JMU.

Cable TV

IT provides digital cable TV service with a lineup of over 80 channels in each residence hall room at no cost. Make sure your TV meets the specs.


Take some time to browse through MyMadison. You have access to many services. Many eLearning tutorials are available.

When you arrive on campus:

Check out our Computing Web Site

All of our technology services are listed on this site.

Connect your devices

Make sure all your devices like smartphone, computers and tablets, are connected to the JMU network. Simply log in to your dashboard at www.MyResNet.com and select "Connect a Device".

Connect to Wireless/Wired Networks

The JMU official wireless network is available throughout campus in academic buildings and many gathering locations including the libraries and the dining facilities.

Stay Secure

Report technology security or abuse incidents to abuse@jmu.edu.

Consider setting up a second device to receive Duo authentications should your cell phone break or run out of power. The Madison CyberZone sells Duo tokens for an inexpensive, quick and easy alternative device.

Keep your computer running safely. Obtain tips and the latest security information through the IT RunSafe program.

Learn how to avoid fake email and web sites and protect both your JMU and personal accounts. View the video and take the IsItReal? game challenge.

Stay Safe with LiveSafe

With LiveSafe, our goal is to put safety back in your hands. Download the LifeSafe app on your iPhone or Android.

Other things you’ll need eventually:

Didn’t bring a printer? No worries. IT has multiple printing locations across campus. Pay-for-Print using a JACard where funds are deducted from the JACard FLEX account. For hours of operation and additional lab services, visit Computing Labs.

Specialized Software

Check out the list of licensed software which includes statistical software.

Hardware Repair

The Madison CyberZone Computer Service Center is an Apple Authorized and Dell Certified repair center and provide in warranty repairs for personally owned Apple and Dell computers. Limited out of warranty repairs is also available.

Information Technology Help Desk

Need help accessing technology at JMU? Feel free to contact the IT Help Desk.

Phone: (540) 568-3555

Email: helpdesk@jmu.edu

In Person: 4th floor, Student Success Center

Online: IT Service Portal

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