IT Project Portfolio

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Reengineering Madison will dramatically transform our campus technology and platforms, modernizing our systems and business processes.  This initiative will include implementing significant technology platforms such as enterprise CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and new data solutions for managing and visualizing JMU’s data.  Reengineering Madison will also involve replacing current PeopleSoft ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) Finance, Human Resources and Student Administration applications as well as current applications used for managing the identities of JMU’s constituents.  We anticipate this set of projects will take at least seven years to fully implement.

As part of the Reengineering Madison program, JMU seeks to identify principles and implement business processes for expanding our Data Governance program.  This will include creating and publishing data definitions as well as a process for managing data conflicts or issues.

As part of Reengineering Madison, JMU will select a CRM platform to be utilized university wide.  Functionality included will be contact and account management, email and text communications, case management, and self-service capabilities for JMU constituents.  There will also be projects to implement Admissions, Advising/Student Success, and Advancement functionality in the CRM.

As part of Reengineering Madison, JMU will select and implement new Identity Management technology.  The new solution will include capabilities to support access and governance for all JMU constituent types (students, applicants, employees, alumni, parents, and others) and include self-service capabilities as well as support capabilities for IT.

Implement Initium Address verification software for HRMS to support ensuring addresses meet postal codes.  This is important for both W2’s and the requirement that employee addresses be postal verification ready for the state personnel system.  This will become more critical as we interface to the new Cardinal HR system.

The scope of this project is to implement Medicat's hosted (cloud) solution in various clinics and departments across campus to achieve JMU's goal of having one consolidated Electronic Health Record solution. We anticipate this project will take approximately two years to fully implement.

The purpose of this project is to upgrade JMU’s telephone systems to a unified communications (UC) telephone system utilizing Voice over the Internet Protocol (VoIP).

The scope of this project is to move Cascade to the cloud.

The College of Science and Math (CSM) will be joining the JMU active directory (AD) domain.  Project involves the creation of organizational units and management accounts for CSM techs within central AD (and associated management tools – SCCM, Jamf, etc.) migration or re-image of endpoints (faculty/staff, labs, specialized equipment), migration of servers (files shared included), and decommission of CSM domain.  Project has been initiated to ease the management and support burden on the CSM staff as well as to increase security and satisfy a request by the university cybersecurity insurance provider.

The purpose of this project is to segment JMU’s wireless network.  This will improve JMU’s security posture by allowing the separation of managed and non-managed devices on JMU’s wireless network.  This project will also lay the groundwork for additional future segmentation to enhance JMU’s security posture even further.

The purpose of this project will be tenant consolidation.  The Dukes tenant will be migrated into the JMU tenant to better support our students, faculty, and staff.  This project will also include improvements for endpoint protection and management (setup of Intune/co-management, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, Windows Autopilot, and Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)), as well as enhanced security features associated with upgrading to A5 licenses (Platform Security Compliance Data Loss Protection (DLP) and Mobile Internet Protocol (MIP); Migration to Defender for O365).

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