To succeed in business, you need to know the fundamentals of accounting; accounting is the language of business. It’s used to interpret and communicate financial information. Learn the necessary analytical skills and accounting principles to put yourself on the path to success in your chosen field. Combine this minor with any major on campus.

This page is not intended as a substitute for the catalog. Please consult with your advisor and the catalog for the year in which you were admitted.

Not accepting applications. Start date - to be determined - the accounting minor program is not active at this time.

A minor in accounting is available to all JMU students with sophomore standing and in academic good standing. The application process is non-competitive; a maximum of 10 students will be admitted per semester. The first ten students that apply and meet admission requirements will be selected. A completed application form which includes an unofficial transcript and an essay response on the applicant’s interest in accounting is required to apply.

  • COB 241: Financial Accounting Credits: 3.00
  • COB 242: Managerial Accounting Credits: 3.00
    • COB 241 must be taken before COB 242.
    • Accounting minors are required to earn a “C” or better grade in COB 241 and COB 242 to be eligible to continue in the minor.
    • Students with transfer credit for COB 241/COB 242 must have earned a “C” or better in the transferred course(s) to be eligible for the minor.

Choose twelve (12) credit hours of accounting courses numbered ACTG 295 and above.

  • ACTG 295: Accounting Ethics and Social Responsibility Credits: 3.00
  • ACTG 305: Spreadsheet Skills and Data Analysis for Accounting Information Credits: 3.00
  • ACTG 310: Data Analytics for Accountants Credits: 3.00
  • ACTG 313: Accounting Information Systems Credits: 3.00
  • ACTG 343: Corporate Financial Reporting I Credits: 3.00
  • ACTG 344: Corporate Financial Reporting II Credits: 3.00
  • ACTG 377: Income Tax Accounting Credits: 3.00
  • ACTG 410: Auditing and Assurance Credits: 3.00
  • ACTG 475: Strategic Cost Accounting and Analytics Credits: 3.00

Transfer credit is only accepted for COB 241 and COB 242.


Amanda Reedy
Zane Showker 3124
(540) 569-3250

Declaration Process

After acceptance into the minor program, students in good academic standing should submit a declaration of minor request via MyMadison.

Graduation Requirement

The accounting minor requires a minimum 2.0 GPA for graduation on all accounting minor courses completed at JMU. Transfer credit for COB 241 and/or COB 242 is not calculated in the GPA.

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