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Every spring, the College of Business faculty and administration select and recognize our outstanding students. Please join us in celebrating the recipients of our 2022 Student Awards listed below by department by posting a congratulatory message on our College of Business Facebook and LinkedIn feeds.




Outstanding Undergraduate in Accounting

Outstanding Graduates, Masters of Science in Accounting 

Kathryn Day
Elizabeth Dickinson 


Kathryn Day

Madison Bailey
Cole Dewey
Ryan Fox

Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics

Outstanding Senior in Computer Information Systems

Outstanding Junior in Computer Information Systems 

Technology Alumni Group (TAG) Award

Computer Information Systems Consulting Excellence Awards


Madeleine Duley 

Jessica Shamloo

Samantha Heller

Corrine Kim
Anthony Rini
Ved Sheth


Executive Advisory Board Outstanding Senior in Economics 

Faculty Award for Academic Excellence in Economics 


Vivian Lawrence 

Evin Tunador

Finance and Business Law

Outstanding Senior in Finance 

Faculty Award for Excellence in Finance 

Outstanding Senior in Quantitative Finance

Faculty Awards for Excellence in Quantitative Finance


Sofia D'Ermes

Mya Baptiste 

Roman Paolucci 

Illia Podafiei
Ryan Shuman

Gilliam Center for Entrepreneurship

Zane Showker Entrepreneurship Award


Marlon Cuevas

Hart School of Hospitality, Sport and Recreation Management

Outstanding Senior in Hospitality Management

Outstanding Senior in Sport and Recreation Management


Ryan Woody

Erica Gratton

International Business

Outstanding Senior in International Business 

Degesch America Award


Gabriella Levenduski

Thomas Cane


Outstanding Student in Management 

Management Faculty Awards for Excellence


Sydney Spevak 

Frances Carlson 
Macy Marotta
Megan Schaedel 
Hannah Shifflett
Garrett Zendek


Outstanding Student in Marketing 

Marketing Faculty Award for Excellence 

Outstanding Female in Sales Award

Outstanding Male in Sales Award

Outstanding JMU Digital Marketing Student Award presented by Workshop Digital


Elizabeth Dickinson 

Jenna Koske

Courtney Lynch 

John McGrinder III

Preston Klekar

School of Strategic Leadership Studies

Outstanding Dissertation

"An Entrepreneurial Mindset: Not Just For Entrepreneurs"


Lindsay King

Honors Thesis Recognition - Economics

Thesis: "The Effect of Income and Price on the Consumption of Clothes in the United States and throughout the States" 

Advisor: Dr. Joanne Doyle, professor of economics

Thesis: "Constitutionality of The Federal Reserve: An Analysis of the Structure, Legislative History, and Incentive Pressures Within The Federal Reserve System"

Advisor: Dr. J. Robert Subrick, associate professor of economics

Thesis: "Exploring the Relationship Between Social Media Usage and False Political Polarization in the United States"

Advisor: Dr. Vipul Bhatt, associate professor of economics

Finance and Business Law

Thesis: "Frameworks Used to Measure the Societal Influences & Effectiveness of Impact Investing"

Advisor: Dr. Adam Usman, assistant professor of finance and business law

Thesis: "How AMC Entertainment benefited from being a "Meme Stock""

Advisor: Dr. Carl Larsson, assistant professor of finance and business law

Thesis: "Two Essays on Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic on Community Banks in the Shenandoah Valley"

Advisor: Dr. Carl Larsson, assistant professor of finance and business law

International Business

Thesis: "Where the Rainbow Ends: The Humanitarian Crisis in International Business"

Advisor: Mr. Fernando Pargas, lecturer of management


Thesis: "What Does it Take to Become a Successful Entrepreneur?"

Advisor: Mr. Fernando Pargas, lecturer of management

Thesis: "Managing Through a Pandemic: A Look at Leaders' Successes and Failures During COVID-19"

Advisor: Mr. Fernando Pargas, lecturer of management

Thesis: "Failed Leaders Who Had the Opportunity to be Successful"

Advisor: Ms. Carol Hamilton, lecturer of management


Thesis: "Exploring the Freshman Experience in Higher Education"

Advisor: Dr. Tim Ozcan, assistant professor of marketing

Thesis: "Thematic and Sentiment Analysis of Beauty YouTubers' Comments on the Basis of Gender"

Advisor: Dr. Janna Parker, assistant professor of marketing

Thesis: "A Historical Analysis of Brand Activism and its Impact on Company Success"

Advisor: Ms. Canessa Collins, lecturer of marketing

Thesis: "Creating and Building a Presence on TikTok"

Advisor: Dr. Kelly Naletelich, assistant professor marketing

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