Every spring, the College of Business faculty and administration select and recognize our outstanding students. Please join us in celebrating the recipients of our 2023 Student Awards listed below by department by posting a congratulatory message on our College of Business Facebook and LinkedIn feeds.




Outstanding Undergraduate in Accounting

Outstanding Graduates, Masters of Science in Accounting 

Catherine Leigh Baker


Catherine Leigh Baker

Kathryn Amanda Day
Morgan Hayes Whaley
Camille Marie Wood

Business Management 

Outstanding Student in Business Management 

Business Management Faculty Awards for Excellence


Aaron Joshua Whear 

Precious Faith Carper
Rachel Wade Dishman
Courtney Kepler Fusting
Garrett Michael Gualtieri
John Tyler Montross

Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics

Outstanding Senior in Computer Information Systems

Outstanding Junior in Computer Information Systems 

Technology Alumni Group (TAG) Award

Computer Information Systems Consulting Excellence Awards


Todd Perry ('92) Aspiring Analytics Endowed Scholarship


Rose Deste Elizabeth Tombul 

Ian McMurray Rishell

Tomas Castro-Albano

Justin David Taylor
Aidan McIver Weatherly
Lee Asa Wildermann

Mya Kathryn Gonzales


Faculty Award for Academic Excellence in Economics 

Executive Advisory Board Outstanding Senior in Economics 


Anna Malia Fenn

Aidan Timothy Kane 

Finance and Business Law

Outstanding Senior in Finance

Faculty Awards for Excellence in Finance 

Outstanding Senior in Quantitative Finance

Faculty Award for Excellence in Quantitative Finance


Phillip Albert Roth

Jordan Alese Pratt
Shelby Nicole Staib 

Mohamed Hamza Abbassi 

David Porter Hulett

Gilliam Center for Entrepreneurship

Zane Showker Entrepreneurship Award


Aiden Blanchar League

Hart School of Hospitality, Sport and Recreation Management

Outstanding Senior in Hospitality Management

Outstanding Seniors in Sport and Recreation Management


Kathryn Trinity Obaugh

Randall Gamaliel Bedford
Amanda Gray Chase

International Business

Outstanding Senior in International Business 

Degesch America Award


Tjarwina Diede Remijnse

Alexa Daniela Espinoza Bedoya


Outstanding Student in Marketing 

Marketing Faculty Award for Excellence 

Outstanding Student in Professional Sales

Outstanding JMU Digital Marketing Student Award presented by Workshop Digital


Allie Barnes Garrison 

Michael Brent Buncher

John Anton Braunagel

Trevor Christopher Benton

School of Strategic Leadership Studies

Outstanding Dissertation

Title: "The Relationship between Leader Composure and Career Derailment Potential, and the Moderating Effect of Race"


James David Krauss

Honors Thesis Recognitions
Business Management

Thesis: "The Negative Effects of OCB: How Citizenship Behaviors can lead to Burnout"

Advisor: Dr. Eric Stark, associate professor

Thesis: "COVID-19 and Effective Leadership Pandemic: A Closer Look at Leadership in Healthcare Systems"

Advisor: Mr. Shawn Lough, lecturer

Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics

Thesis: "An Analysis and Examination of Consensus Attacks in Blockchain Networks"

Advisor: Dr. John Guo, associate professor

Thesis: "Improving Success Rates for Diverse Students Within the JMU Computer Information Systems Program"

Advisor: Dr. Amy Connolly, assistant professor

Finance and Business Law

Thesis: "Decrypting Cryptocurrency: The Risk of Bitcoin"

Advisor: Dr. Hui Sono, professor 

Thesis: "A Study on the Impact of Rising Interest Rates on Bank Deposit Betas and Credit Risk"

Advisor: Dr. Carl Larsson, associate professor

International Business

Thesis: "The Business of Unaccompanied Migrant Child Care: A US/Spain Comparison"

Advisor: Dr. Irvine Clark III, professor

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