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The Student Advisory Council, the group of students who brainstorm and implement initiatives to improve the COB. Beyond pursuing new initiatives, the organization creates value for the COB by serving as student ambassadors at several COB and JMU events and also act as liaisons with the COB Board of Advisors.

Faculty Advisor
Current Membership
Ariana Abousaeedi

Ariana Abousaeedi ('19)

International Business Major

Emily Alford

Emily Alford ('19), President

Marketing Major with Educational Media Minor

Nicholas Barth

Nicholas Barth ('19)

Computer Information Systems Major

Ashley Batitto

Ashley Batitto ('20)

Marketing Major

Mackenzie Bliss

Mackenzie Bliss ('20)

Accounting Major

Sarah Bowen

Sarah Bowen ('19)

Management Major

E. Collin Buckley

E. Collin Buckley ('19), Vice President

Finance Major

Sydney Coleman

Sydney Coleman ('19)

Quantitative Finance and Math Major

Carlos Diniz

Carlos Diniz ('18)

Management Major with CIS Minor

Emily Hoang

Emily Hoang ('20)

Finance Major with CIS Minor

Austin Jones

Austin Jones ('20)

Economics Major

Shaheera Kanani

Shaheera Kanani ('19)

Computer Information Systems Major

Alex Loughran

Alec Loughran ('19)

Accounting and CIS Majors

Paige Majdic

Paige Majdic ('18), Secretary

Marketing Major with CIS Minor

Marissa Piemonte

Marissa Piemonte ('20)

Marketing Major with Entrepreneurship Minor

Jonathan Pulitano

Jonathan Pulitano ('19)

Finance Major

Andrew Ross

Andrew Ross ('19)

Management Major with CIS Minor

Maryhelen Storey

Maryhelen Storey ('20)

Accounting Major

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