The Student Advisory Council, the group of students who brainstorm and implement initiatives to improve the COB. Beyond pursuing new initiatives, the organization creates value for the COB by serving as student ambassadors at several COB and JMU events and also act as liaisons with the COB Board of Advisors.

Faculty Advisor
Current Membership
Scott Baker

Scott Baker ('21)

Computer Information Systems

Danielle Bragale

Danielle Bragale ('21)

Quantitative Finance

Adam Collins

Adam Collins ('21)

International Business and Spanish

Jacob Decker

Jake Decker ('22)

Computer Information Systems

Jenna Jansen

Jenna Jansen ('21)

Computer Information Systems; SAC President

Kaleb Marshall

Kaleb Marshall ('21)

Quantitative Finance and Math Major

John Peaden

John Peaden ('21)

Computer Information Systems

Stephanie Post

Stephanie Post ('21)

Finance and Health Science Administration

J.T Shorten ('21)

JT Shorten ('21)

International Business

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