The College of Business Student Advisory Council serves as a diverse body of students compiled of juniors and seniors who spread awareness about student life, educational resources and programs offered within the College of Business. We provide tours for prospective students and share how the College of Business has shaped us into the students we are today. Additionally, we are given opportunities to serve as liaisons to the CoB Board of Advisors and attend additional networking events. Students on the Student Advisory Council are well-rounded business students who are passionate about giving back and contributing to a positive experience within the College of Business.

Faculty Advisor
Student Advisory Council Members
First name Last name Major LinkedIn
Ally Hyers Marketing LinkedIn
Allyson Ariganello Marketing LinkedIn
Andrew  Zarazinski Finance LinkedIn
Oom Dyer Computer Information Systems LinkedIn
Caitlin Tully Finance LinkedIn
Colton Christie Accounting LinkedIn
Daniel  Smith Accounting and Finance LinkedIn
Deren Ozer International Business LinkedIn
Erica  Wirth Marketing LinkedIn
Gabriella D'Alessandro Business Management LinkedIn
Garrett Gualtieri Business Management  LinkedIn
Gavin Connors Business Management LinkedIn
Gianna  Pento Business Management LinkedIn
Ivan  Aliaga Computer Information Systems LinkedIn
Jabril Al-Hamdy Finance LinkedIn
Jack Daufenbach Finance LinkedIn
Jake Heenan Finance LinkedIn
Joey  Gray Accounting LinkedIn
Jordan  Alexander
Juan  Morcillo Business Management LinkedIn
Kaelin Winters Accounting LinkedIn
Kat Bianchetto Economics LinkedIn
Kayla O'Doherty Marketing  LinkedIn
Kelly O'Connor Finance LinkedIn
Kenya  Balser Marketing  LinkedIn
Kevin Chesney Business Management LinkedIn
Leo Burns Marketing LinkedIn
Michael Murphy Finance LinkedIn
Rachel Dishman Business Management LinkedIn
Becca DuBois Finance LinkedIn
Shane Whalen Business Management LinkedIn
Sophia ElBouazzaoui Finance LinkedIn
Sydney  Hunter Marketing LinkedIn
Trevor Benton Marketing LinkedIn

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