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Epsilon Chi Omicron

Epsilon Chi Omicron, founded in 1987 at JMU, is the international honor society for international business. Its purpose is to encourage and recognize scholarly achievement. Membership requires an outstanding academic record while at JMU.

Advisor: Bob Jerome (

Global Commerce Club

The Global Commerce Club is a student-run organization under the leadership of distinguished faculty. This club engages students and faculty through interactive, informative, and social events. It is open to all JMU majors. Our mission is to provide students with the proper skills and resources to succeed within our global environment. Our objectives are to stimulate awareness in global and cultural issues, to promote a harmonious global perspective, and to create opportunities for networking and career growth in a welcoming and enjoyable environment.

Advisor: Marion White (

To learn more about the Global Commerce Club, visit their website:

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Women in Business

Women in Business is focused on connecting JMU female students interested in a career in business.  Our goal is to foster an encouraging environment and strong network for these students, with an emphasis on the development of business leadership and networking skills.

To learn more, visit their BeInvolved page, or email them at

Advisor: Hui Sono (

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