CoB Diversity Council Members
Demetria Henderson

Dr. Demetria Henderson

Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Visiting Assistant Professor, Business Management

Miguel Baltazar

Mr. Miguel Baltazar

Lecturer, Hart School


Ms. Kimberley A. Foreman

Associate Dean for Human Resources and Administration

Erica Kann - 2021

Ms. Erica Kann

Administrative Support Staff, Undergraduate Programs and Professional Development

Liz Karam - 2021

Dr. Elizabeth Karam

Academic Unit Head and Associate Professor, Business Management

Doreen Liccione

Ms. Doreen Liccione

Academic Advisor for Finance, Advising and Support Center

Piyusha Mutreja - 2021

Dr. Piyusha Mutreja

Assistant Professor, Economics and International Business

Elizabeth Price - 2020

Ms. Elizabeth Price

Business Librarian

Ron Rubin - 2019

Mr. Ron Rubin

Lecturer, Finance

Margaret Sloan - 2019

Dr. Margaret Sloan

Interim Director, Strategic Leadership Studies; Advisor to the Nonprofit and Community Leadership Concentration

Katrina Spickler - 2021

Ms. Katrina Spickler

Fiscal Operations, Dean’s Office

Laurent Tchommo

Mr. Laurent Tchommo

Lecturer, Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics

Mert Tokman - 2021

Dr. Mert Tokman

Professor, Marketing and MBA Programs; Global Supply Chain Management Minor, Program Co-coordinator; Kenneth R. Bartee Endowed Professor

Elham Torabi

Dr. Elham Torabi

Assistant Professor, Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics

Ruairi Walsh - 2021

Mr. Ruairi Walsh

Lecturer, Business Management

Diversity Council Emeritus Members
Karen Ford - 2021

Dr. Karen Ford

Professor Emeritus and Former Director of Strategic Leadership Studies

Daphyne Thomas

Dr. Daphyne M. Thomas

Professor Emeritus, Finance & Business Law

Auxiliary Members

  • Kylie Mirabella, Graduate Assistant

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