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The James Madison University Center for Inclusive Music Engagement seeks to facilitate musicking opportunities for all persons to create, perform, respond, and connect with, in, through, and around music in ways that are meaningful and add richness to individuals' lives and our broader communities.


We will seek to accomplish the following objectives:

Research: Contribute to the state of knowledge related to music teaching, pedagogy, therapy, and scholarship in relevant fields (e.g., music education, community music therapy, community engagement, arts education) through research.

Collaboration: Collaborate with experts in other disciplines, community organizations, and educational institutions as we seek to engage with and serve the diverse and interconnected mosaic of communities in which we function.

Education: Assist students, teachers, scholars, policymakers, community members, and other related stakeholders in designing and facilitating inclusive experiences creating, performing, responding, and connecting with, in, through, and around musicking in varied settings (e.g., early childhood education, K-12 education, adult/community education, health care facilities).

Dissemination: Facilitate professional development by disseminating research and research-informed praxis through publications, digital media, workshops, and academic courses.

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