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The charge of the College of Visual and Performing Arts Dean's Advisory Council (CVPA DAC) is to provide a vehicle for the faculty, staff, and students of the college to directly communicate with the Dean, communicating concerns, viewpoints, and recommendations interdependent of any other administrative levels of the college. Please let us know your thoughts, comments, and questions about the college by completing this form.

If you would like to share your thoughts, comments and questions about a school, please contact:
*School of Art, Design and Art History: MiKyoung Lee at lee28mx@jmu.edu or 540-568-7330
*School of Music: Dr. John Allemeier at allemejm@jmu.edu or 540-568-3614
*School of Theatre and Dance: Peter Zazzali at zazzalpb@jmu.edu or 540-568-3504

NOTE: If you have contacted the school director and your question or comment remains unresolved, you can also use this form to share with the CVPA DAC.

CVPA DAC Faculty Feedback Form

The Cultural Connections Residency Program 2024-2025

The Cultural Connections Residency Program aims to bring diversity, in all its forms, to the JMU campus and to provide opportunities for students to engage with artists from multiple disciplines. CCAiR was established in 2007–2008 as a collaboration between the Office of Diversity and the College of Visual and Performing Arts. The Office of the Special Assistant to the President for Diversity and the CVPA Council for Inclusive Excellence encourage proposals that will enhance the diversity of thought, perspective, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status and background, gender, sexual orientation, and cultural experiences.

A Sampling of Past and Upcoming Guest Artists Funded by the CCRP

Call for CCRP Proposals AY24

2024-2025 CCRP Proposals due: March 5, 2024


Faculty Recognition Awards

The College of Visual and Performing Arts is proud of the accomplishments and commitment of its faculty. In recognition of superlative achievements, the college gives five honors: Distinguished TeacherMadison Scholar, and Distinguished Servicer.  See nomination forms, guidelines and past honorees.


Faculty Professional Development Awards

Purpose of the Awards 

The College of Visual and Performing Arts at James Madison University offers financial assistance to stimulate and assist teaching effectiveness, advance creative scholarly and research agendas, or assist in developing service activities, while also reflecting the goals of the academic unit, college, and university. Proposals in any field of creative or scholarly activity related to the faculty members’ discipline may be submitted.  Awards are to be used to sustain activities necessary to complete the proposed projects or endeavors, including travel expenses and other related costs (see budget section for restrictions). Each award will not exceed $5,000.


Proposals may be submitted individually or on behalf of a team; the principal investigator must be a full-time CVPA faculty member (including academic unit heads). Faculty members may be part of multiple Faculty Professional Development Award proposals; however, they will only be eligible to receive one award as a principal investigator in each academic year. Faculty members are able to apply for and earn these awards annually; junior faculty members are particularly encouraged to apply.

Proposal Submission and Review

Proposals will be reviewed two times a year by the CVPA Professional Development Committee.  Proposals should be submitted by 5:00 pm on October 31, 2023, for the fall, or February 28, 2024, for the spring to Associate Dean Wren Stevens (stevenwr@jmu.edu). A limited number of fall or spring applications may be funded for projects that span academic years (summer funding).

Call for Faculty Professional Development Awards AY24

Funding FAQ

Educational Leave


The College of Visual and Performing Arts at James Madison University offers Educational Leaves to provide faculty members with opportunities to expand their research and/or teaching abilities and/or to foster intellectual growth. The ultimate purpose of these leaves is to sustain vigor, especially in the College’s academic instructional programs, and to ensure that faculty members have the opportunity for professional development.


To be eligible to apply for an Educational Leave, a faculty member must meet the following qualifications:

  1. The candidate must be a full-time faculty member or school director in the College of Visual and Performing Arts.
  2. The candidate must occupy a renewable term appointment (e.g. lecturer), a tenure-track position or have tenure at the time of application.
  3. The candidate applying for the first time must be in at least the third year of full-time service at James Madison University.
  4. A previous recipient of an educational leave must complete five full academic years of teaching before he or she is eligible for another leave. Those who last received a leave in 2022-2023 or before are eligible to apply for a leave for the 2028-2029 academic year.
  5. The candidate must not be serving as a member of the College's Professional Development Committee.
  6. The candidate must have the written endorsement of their academic unit head (AUH).


Written application for Educational Leave must be submitted on the attached forms and forwarded to the applicant’s school AUH in advance of the due date.   The proposal must be reviewed and endorsed by the school director. The original application and endorsement must be submitted via email to the Associate Dean Wren Stevens (stevenwr@jmu.edu) no later than 4 pm Friday, October 13, 2023.  Only applications received by this date will be accepted for consideration by the CVPA Professional Development Committee.

Call for Educational Leave Proposals AY24

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