CVPA Diversity Council

The College of Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA) believes that equity, access and inclusion are moral imperatives and artistic obligations.  Diversity—in the stories we represent, the students we serve, and the audiences we engage—is vital for the health and relevance of contemporary arts practice. CVPA, therefore, welcomes diversity of perspective, ethnicity, race, religion, socio-economic status, gender identity, sexual orientation, and ability. The CVPA Diversity Council promotes diversity among the faculty, staff, students, and visiting artists.

Committee Members:
2-year appointment

Susan Zurbrigg, Assistant Dean, Chair

Beth Hinderliter, SADAH (2020)
Hannah Sions, SADAH (2021)
Diane Phoenix-Neal, SOM (2021)
Paulo Steinberg, SOM (2020)
Donna Wampler, SOM (2021)
Richard Finkelstein, STAD (2021)
Elizabeth Wislar, STAD (2021)
Regan Byrne, Forbes (2021)

CVPA Faculty Recognition Committee

To recognize faculty excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, and teaching.  This committee has the primary responsibility for making recommendations about all faculty awards in the college and recommending educational leave requests.

Committee Members:
1-year appointment

Lisa Maynard, SOM (2021), Chair

Bill Tate, SADAH (2021)
Dymphna de Wild, SADAH (2021)
Beth Chandler Cahill, SOM (2021)
Brian Smallwood, STAD (2021)
Shane O’Hara, STAD (2021)

CVPA Development Committee

To support faculty and student development and creative scholarship of faculty and students through college supported financial awards.

Committee Members:
1-year appointment

Zachary Dorsey, STAD (2021), Chair

Kyle Hackett, SADAH (2021)
Laura Katzman, SADAH (2021)
Foster Beyer, SOM (2021)
Amy Lewis, SOM (2021)
Jessica Del Vecchio, STAD (2021)

CVPA Curriculum & Instruction Committee

To provide a structure for the review of all curriculum matters connected to programs located within the College of Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA), and to communicate faculty recommendations, concerns, and advice regarding curriculum issues directly to the Dean of the CVPA. 

Committee Members:
2-year appointment

Andy Connell, SOM (2019), Chair

Dawn McCusker, SADAH (2020)
Karin Tollefson, SADAH (2021)
Jo-Anne van der Vat-Chromy, SOM (2021)
Emily Becher, STAD (2020)
Suzanne Miller-Corso, STAD (2020) 

CVPA Dean’s Advisory Council

To provide a vehicle for the faculty, staff, and students of the College of Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA) to directly communicate with the Dean, communicating concerns, viewpoints, and recommendations interdependent of any other administrative levels of the college. 

Committee Members:
2-year appointment

Casey Cangelosi, SOM (2020), Chair 

Dan Harrison, Forbes Staff (2020)  
Karen Gerard, SADAH Staff (2020)  
Mark Rooker, SADAH (2020)  
Laura Katzman, SADAH (2021)  
Sam Suggs, SOM (2021)  
Donna Wampler, SOM Staff (2021) 
Dennis Beck, STAD (2021)  
Kathleen Conery, STAD Staff (2020)  
Ryan Corriston, STAD (2021) 
Ginger Barbour, SGA CVPA Representative
Illiana Harris, Student Representative
Alexandria Hunter, Student Representative

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