Welcome to the College of Visual and Performing Arts!

The College of Visual and Performing Arts will be holding both on-campus and virtual events this year. Below you'll find some of the ways you can interact with members of the JMU arts community. 

To sign up for an audition or portfolio review, visit the Arts Undergraduate Admissions page.  

Questions? Email us at

JMU Open House

JMU will hold the JMU Explore Open House for prospective students in the fall.  To learn more, register through the Office of Admissions registration page

JMU will hold CHOICES open house events for admitted students in-person (dates to be determined). The School of Art, Design and Art History, the School of Music, and the School of Theatre and Dance will be running program-specific information sessions and tours. To learn more, visit the Office of Admissions registration page.

Tours and Information Sessions

Each school in the College of Visual and Performing Arts offers unique opportunities to learn more about what it's like to be a visual or performing arts major. We have in-person tours and sessions where you will have the opportunity to explore our spaces and talk with a student, faculty, and/or staff member.

School of Art, Design and Art History (Architectural Design, Art History, Art Studio, Graphic Design, Industrial Design)

Aug. 25 | Sept. 15 | Sept. 29 | Oct. 6 | Oct. 20 | Nov. 10 | Nov. 17 | Dec. 1 | Jan. 12 | Jan. 26 | Feb. 9 | Feb. 23 | Mar. 8 | Mar. 22 | Apr. 19 | Apr. 26

School of Music

Music Preview Day on Nov. 6

Tour Dates: Sept. 29 | Oct. 6 | Oct. 16 | Oct. 30 | Nov. 10 | Nov. 27 | Dec. 8Feb. 19 | Feb. 23 | Mar. 29 | Apr. 1 | Apr. 19

Spring tour dates coming soon 

School of Theatre & Dance (Dance, Musical Theatre, Theatre)

Sep. 25 | Oct. 9 | Nov. 6 | Feb. 19 | Mar. 25

Theatre & Musical Theatre:

Oct. 13 | Nov. 10 | Mar. 1 | Apr. 26

JMU Arts Video Collections

College of Visual and Performing Arts: Live Q&A Playlist

These 25 - 35-minute chats with students and faculty, initially geared towards admitted students, will give you a better idea of what it's like to study the arts at JMU. (9 videos total)


College of Visual and Performing Arts: Why JMU Arts?

Hear from some of our current students, recent graduates, and distinguished young alumni about the impact that an arts education at James Madison University had on them. (12 videos total)

CVPA panel video

Madison Network Event: The World of Visual and Performing Artists

In February 2020, the College of Visual and Performing Arts, the JMU Alumni Association, and the Career and Academic Planning Office invited 8 esteemed young arts alumni back to campus for a panel presentation and networking event.  (1 video)


"A Celebration of the Arts" CVPA Showcase

"A Celebration of the Arts", produced in 2021 for Virtual CHOICES, includes performances and artwork from JMU’s current students and ensembles. From student choreographed dances, to show-stopping Broadway musical numbers, solos, and monologues, this extravaganza has it all! (1 video)

360° Facility Images

Find a virtual tour of the Forbes Center for the Performing Arts and links to facility descriptions and  stunning 360° images of classroom, performance, workshop, maker, and studio spaces within the College of Visual and Performing Arts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Faculty and staff members have put together a list of their most frequently asked questions from prospective students and their families.  You can also always send us an email with any questions to

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