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Your Mindset

Choosing a major or career requires a dedication to self-reflection. It is a process of discovering and narrowing options, making choices, and identifying next steps, and it is well worth the time!

Sometimes exploration provides you with more options than you originally considered. It is important to initially keep your options open to fully consider your potential path.

Our Suggested Steps

  1. Consider What Matters to You: Consider ways to articulate and prioritize personal qualities that are important to you in order to further explore your options.
  2. Learn About Majors and Minors: Know the programs offered at JMU, including their studies of discipline, and their requirements.
  3. Find Information About Careers: Gather accurate information about options within career fields, as well as their needs for continuing education and employment trends. 
  4. Make a Decision: Reflect on how personal characteristics fit with academic and career options in order to help you make informed decisions.

Schedule an Appointment

Working individually with an academic and career advisor provides a self-paced, face-to-face opportunity to get support in exploring majors and careers. Academic and career advisors assist students of all academic levels during individual appointments regarding career and academic decision-making and planning. You can schedule an appointment online or by calling us at (540) 568-6555.

UNST 102: Career & Academic Planning

This one credit, block course provides a structured, group format for exploring majors and careers. The course has four learning goals:

  • Articulate personal characteristics, which impact major and career decisions.
  • Increase knowledge of academic and occupational resources used to investigate scholastic and career opportunities.
  • Learn decision-making strategies that lead to identifying a major and career.
  • Learn goal-setting strategies for identifying academic and career goals.

Learn more about the UNST 102 class. Check MyMadison for course availability.

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