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Sharon Babcock

Salamanders: Functional and Evolutionary Morphology of Vertebrates

Corey Cleland

Neurobiology of movement using the simple spinal reflexes in rats

Dean Cocking

Landscape and community ecology;  mercury as an ecosystem contaminant

Katrina Gobetz

Mammals: Functional morphology of burrowing vertebrates.  

Heather Peckham Griscom

Plants: Forest restoration ecology in tropical and temperate regions

Jim Herrick 

Environmental and Molecular Microbiology

Patrice Ludwig

Animal Ecology: Population, Community, Dispersal, Behavioral

Christine May

Aquatic ecology; linking physical and biological processes in river systems.

David McCleod

Systematics, morphology, ecology, and conservation of amphibians and reptiles

Conley McMullen

Plants: Pollination Biology and Plant Systematics

Mike Renfroe

Plant Development; Germplasm Conservation; Antioxidants in Foods

Bruce Wiggins

Environmental Biology and Ecotoxicology

Roshna Wunderlich

Primates: Functional morphology and biomechanics locomotion

Grace Wyngaard

Microcrustacea: Chromatin diminution during development

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