Faculty, staff, and affiliates can now sponsor university visitors and create temporary wireless accounts.  The site for creating guest wireless accounts is located at https://networkaccess.jmu.edu/guest.  The sponsor must login with their e-ID and password to start the process. After the account is created, guest users will need to connect to the wireless network named “JMU-Visitors”, open a web browser, and enter the username and password provided by their sponsor.

Guest wireless information can also be found at https://www.jmu.edu/computing/internet-and-network/guest-wireless.shtml. Problems with connecting should be reported to the IT Help Desk at (540) 568-3555 or helpdesk@jmu.edu.

Please contact Lon Jarvis (jarvislb@jmu.edu) for a password reset to the college server.

Lon Jarvis our computer specialist, generally maintains office hours from 9am to 11am Mon-Fri unless called out for service. Office phone number is x8-2836. For emergencies only you may call Lon’s cell at 476-3698 during regular business hours.

CIT Classroom Technologies has an on-call person sitting by the phone for emergencies like screens failing to operate properly, bulb failure, consoles not responding, projector issues, etc. The number is X8-6799.

By touching the "Power System Down" button on the touch panel you will shut the whole console down. If restarting the system doesn't fix the podium call 568-6799.

Please submit your slide no later than one week before the date you need it posted.

Everything that goes on the digital messageboards needs to be in a 16x9 aspect ratio. In fact, Everywhere you go on campus that has mediated instructional technology the preferred canvas for slides has been the 16:9 format. If you've seen presentations in larger classrooms with wasted spaces on the sides of the slides then you are looking at older slides created with the older default 4:3 ratio.

If you have a Powerpoint slide to post, go to Design > Page Setup and set the slide size to 16x9. If you have a multiple slide presentation, you must set up the timing in Powerpoint under “Transitions” so that it will progress through the slides automatically.

Timing for each slide is usually 10 seconds give or take a second or two relative to length of text. It's important to remember that at any given time there may be as many as 15 slides or more posted to the message boards.

Finally, it's very helpful if you send the kill date (date slide expires) included within your eMail message when you send the slide to Lon.

For the Macintosh:

  1. Open Powerpoint
  2. In the upper menu select "file"
  3. Scroll down to "Page Setup" and open
  4. In the open dialog box find "Slides Sized for" pull down menu and select 16:9

Once your content is in the correct format, send it to Lon Jarvis (jarvislb@jmu.edu) and specify which screens you want it on (small message boards or large video wall). If posting to the large video wall, bear in mind that the screen frames in the middle of the display will obscure some content if not laid out appropriately.

Site licensed software is available to the university at no charge. Some software is offered at volume discount prices. Classroom specific or proprietary software must be purchased by Biology and approved by the department head. Download links and lists of site licensed software can be found here:  https://www.jmu.edu/computing/software/

Configuration guides can be found here.

Here are the online guides to connect to JMU email from a mobile device: https://www.jmu.edu/computing/communication-and-collaboration/email-faculty-staff-affiliate.shtml

Save your poster as both a Powerpoint file (if you made it in powerpoint) and as a PDF, just in case. Bring your file to room 2021 on a thumb drive or email it to yourself. Instructions for using the printer are posted next to the computer in room 2021.

Everyone that uses the poster printer should know how to install a new roll of paper. If you don't know set up a time with Lon or his assistant for a quick "how-to". When the poster printer runs out, the LED screen actually tells you what to do step by step. There are always extra boxes of paper stored nearby.

Contact Brittany Higgs in CSM Communications and Marketing higgsbn@jmu.edu.

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