Light Pavilion, by Edwin Baruch and Michael Draeger
Public Art at JMU: Light Pavilion

Light Pavilion explores the relationship between the historic and the contemporary.  It is also interested in the ways in which what once existed inspires what is created today.

Appearing as a hologram of a former structure, the installation provokes curiosity of the past through material, or the lack thereof, and light.  The ethereal columns and arches stimulate engagement and interaction, providing an experience of discovery and wonder as one approaches and ultimately experiences the installation, an exciting experience akin to encountering a ruin. 

Light Pavilion was installed in front of Duke Hall during the summer of 2021 and is on loan to JMU for three years. Previously installed at the Georgetown Waterfront, Light Pavilion was has been the backdrop for a music video, a proposal and countless social media posts. 

"The installation was initially inspired by the beautiful glowing memorials and monuments located throughout Washington, D.C. I was interested in the architectural elements prominent in these structures, and the beautifully illuminated spaces between those columns in which people gather and walk through. This interest led to a larger dialogue exploring the relationship between the historic and the contemporary.  That relationship has always been of interest to me in the context of Washington, D.C. as it can be found throughout the architecture in the city.  The installation is a culmination of this, as it is classical but also modern in form, changing between something resembling a ruin and then a hologram depending on the time of the day."

-- Edwin Baruch

Design: Edwin Baruch ('13)

Fabrication: Michael Draeger ('13)

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