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What is Self-Help and how do I use it?

Self-Help is a directory of frequently needed computing information, compiled by the Computing HelpDesk for JMU faculty, staff, and students.

Self-Help offers several methods to quickly find the information you need.  There is an Informational and Problem Solving Links section which provides links to frequently needed information.  Additionally, under Browse you can click on the letter of the alphabet which corresponds with the information you need. For example, if you need information about Wireless, simply click the letter W and look for the Wireless links. Or if you prefer to use a search engine to find this information, there is also a Search function on the Self-Help page. Make sure that Computing is listed in the Search field and then type the word Wireless into the for: field. Then simply click the Search button and a list of links pertaining to Wireless will be displayed. In addition there is a System Alerts box in the right hand column which displays the latest computing announcements.  HelpDesk hours are also displayed.

Self-Help is continuously being updated. If you find Self-Help useful or if you have suggestions for improvement please let us know by emailing helpdesk@jmu.edu.