Two-Factor Authentication (Duo)

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an information security best practice that adds an extra measure of protection beyond user name and password. To address this important practice and further safeguard the university’s valuable electronic resources (personal information, account deposits, research data, etc.), JMU Information Technology is implementing a particular form of MFA known as two-factor authentication (2FA). A cloud-based service called Duo is being used to enable JMU’s 2FA. Implementation has begun with a user enrollment process and enablement of Duo for a priority set of systems beginning with MyMadison and the SSL VPN.

More information is available on the Duo services page.

Finance, Human Resources, and Student System Upgrades

The Oracle/PeopleSoft systems (Finance, Human Resources and Student Administration (Campus Solutions) will undergo major upgrades over the next two and half years. The first of these upgrades will be for the Human Resource System and will be completed in late October. The Finance system upgrade will be completed in early January 2018. The Student system upgrade is in the planning stages and will completed in September 2018.

Information Technology Service Management (ITSM)

Information Technology is implementing the Cherwell Service Management solution. This solution provides best-practice capabilities for managing and delivering IT services to JMU. Currently, Card Services, Room and Fire Safety, Space Management and HelpDesk services for IT and Libraries and Educational Technology are live with the system. IT asset management, Change Management, IT to IT services and Software Change are finalizing requirements for implementation in 2018.

Workflow/Increased Efficiency Projects

In an effort to support more streamlined processes, several workflow projects are underway.

Budget Revision: Analysis completed in support of automating the budget revision process and development is in progress. This project is scheduled to go live in 2018.

Major/Minor Changes: This project went live on September 16, 2017 and includes the ability for a student to request a change to their major and/or minor and concentrations. The request is sent to the appropriate department(s) for approval and the student is notified of the decision and if approved, the change is automatically posted. This new process will provide much needed service to students and academic departments.

Graduation Application: Analysis is being completed in support of the application for graduation process. Graduation candidates will submit their application to graduate on-line. The application and will be evaluated and posted for the Registrar’s Office.

Job Descriptions: Analysis has been completed and development will begin soon to replace the use of PositionLink for managing staff job descriptions. We will be analyzing electronic performance management in the near future.

Mapcom Infrastructure Management System

Mapcom is a visual GIS mapping system that allows Telecom to catalog, manage, and plan all elements of the university's communication infrastructure. This includes copper, coax, and fiber optic cable, conduit pathways, and inside building wiring and equipment racks. Work began in March 2016 and after extensive verification for fit your use using data from a designated test area, the system was placed into production in June 2017. Data collection efforts are currently underway in the Bluestone and North Campus areas. The project is expected to run approximately 5 to 7 years before the entire outside plant will be in production.

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