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As a new kind of research university, JMU is an agent for societal change and an engine of innovation. We connect theory to practice, and people to ideas and resources in order to solve complex problems and reshape our country and world.  Please take some time to peruse our website and read about the latest student and faculty research accomplishments, as well as upcoming events and funding announcements.  For detailed guidance on submitting a funding proposal, please visit the Office of Sponsored Programs.  Don’t forget to view the latest faculty Voice of Scholarship each month, as well as visit Madison Scholar for in-depth stories on JMU scholarship and information on the latest funding awards.




Upcoming Events

  • Jan 31: Women in Leadership
  • Feb 4: Reproducible Research Workshop
  • Feb 9: Poetry Reading: Kamilah Aisha Moon
  • Feb 19: Cohen Center Lecture Series: Langdon Winner
  • Mar 19: Poetry Reading: Rachel Eliza Griffiths
  • Apr 1: Poetry Reading: Ross Gay
  • Apr 3: Cohen Center Lecture Series: Andy Clark
  • Apr 6: Post Conflict Recovery Week
  • Apr 21: Cohen Center Lecture Series: James and Marcia Day Childress
  • More >