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Web Publishing with FrontPage

When using FrontPage (or SharePoint or Expression), before publishing, your website has to be converted into a FrontPage "site" (or if using and earlier version of FrontPage, a "web"). Note: Images below are taken from Microsoft FrontPage 2003.

  1. If your pages already exist, go to File, and then "Open Site".

    Open Site Image


  3. Browse to the folder that your web site files are in, select the folder and then use the "Open" button in the lower right corner as shown below (Note: The site uses https).

    Open Site Image


  5. When you are ready to publish your site, go to "File", then "Publish Site".

  7. In the "Web Site Setup" window that comes up, choose "WebDAV".

    In the "Web Site Location" box, enter a URL like the following (Use https):


    Ensure that the checkbox "Encrypted connection required (SSL)" is checked as shown below. Then click Next.


    Web Site Setup Dialog Box


  8. Specify in the "Local copy location:" box where you would like to create a local copy as shown below. Then, click Next.

    Import Web Site Wizard - Choose your destination web location


  10. A "Congratulations!" dialog box should appear as shown below. You can click Finish.

    Import Web Site Wizard - Congratulations dialog box


    Web Publishing Using WebDAV