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Leopard/ Snow Leopard (10.5/10.6)

Not sure of your operating system? Please look at How to find your OS page.

BootCamp, Parallels Support Statement

JMU Information Technology supports Mac OS X (10.5/ 10.6) Leopard/ Snow Leopard.
Boot Camp, VMFusion, Parallels, and dual-boot functionality are not supported.



  1. How do I add a printer using the IP address in Leopard/ Snow Leopard ?
  1. How do I configure Leopard/Snow Leopard to my Exchange (Faculty/Staff) Email
  1. How do I use the Screen Sharing VNC Client?

  • The Information Technology Help Desk recommends the following:
    • Entourage 2008, Mac Mail (10.6, 10.7), and Outlook 2011.
  • Please use the Connecting to Exchange page to find out more.




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