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General Help
I am New To JMU.....where can I find help?
How do I contact the Computing HelpDesk? Call (540) 568-3555 or e-mail helpdesk@jmu.edu.
What information should I provide when I contact the JMU Computing HelpDesk?
What is Self-Help and how do I use it?
Is there a reference of common computing terms used at the JMU Computing HelpDesk?
Where can I learn more about my Electronic ID (e-ID) for access e-campus, Blackboard and more?
Where can I access the Accounts Portal to manage my accounts?
Are there forms online which I can use to request computing services (accounts, training, etc.)?
How does the Windows XP login process work?
Where can I find more information about Windows Vista?
Where can I learn more about web publishing resources available at JMU?
Can I purchase a computer through JMU?
Where can I find information about CampusNet (JMU's on-campus ethernet service for students)?
Where can I find information about off-campus modem dial-up internet service?
What are the recommended software standards for JMU?
Where can I download software?
Where can I find help with e-campus?
Where can I find out more about Computing Labs?

How do I change my password?

Fixing It On Your Own
How can I fix my own computer problems?

Training and Tutorials
How can I find out about computing training opportunities?
Are there software tutorials available?

Security, Alerts, and Viruses
Where can I find out about JMU computing security issues?
Where can I find out information about computer viruses?
How can I stay informed about the latest computing alerts?

Where can I find help for email?
What should I do about SPAM and unsolicited mail?

Apple Macintosh
How can I fix my Apple Macintosh computer problems?