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Network Connectivity

Windows 7 / Windows 8 - Network Connection Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Make sure your computer is registered on the network by opening a browser (Internet Explorer, etc.) window.   If your computer needs to be registered, you will be redirected to the JMU registration page where you will enter your e-ID and password for authentication to the site.  Many faculty/staff computers will register automatically via the Cisco NAC Agent.
  2. Set up your connection according to CampusNet Guides (for on-campus student computers).
  3. Make sure you are using an Ethernet network cable (larger than the skinny telephone cable) and it is plugged into a yellow (not purple) data jack on the wall.
  4. Try a different yellow data jack nearby (that is known to be a live jack)
  5. Make sure there are activity lights blinking on your network card (where you plug the ethernet cable into the back of your computer)
  6. Check Device Manager to make sure the network card is installed and working.
  7. If the computer is a laptop, check to see if the wireless connection is connected.
    If you are trying to get the Local Area Connection working, then disable the wireless connection and reboot the computer.
  8. Peform an IP release/renew using IPCONFIG
  9. Reset WINSOCK and TCP/IP.
  10. Remove Spyware programs which may be preventing your connection to the internet
  11. Utilize Symantec Endpoint Protection to be sure your computer is not infected
  12. Run Windows Update to be sure your computer is patched
  13. For troubleshooting purposes, determine if you are able to use an alternative browser such as Mozilla Firefox
  14. Clear browser cache and check browser settings

Other Operating Systems

Windows Vista Network Connection Troubleshooting

Windows XP Network Connection Troubleshooting

Mac OS Network Connection Troubleshooting

Students in off-campus housing should contact their Internet Service Provider for network connection assistance.