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Network Connectivity

Mac OS Network Connection Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Make sure your computer is registered on the JMU network by opening a browser (Internet Explorer, etc.) window.   If your computer needs to be registered, you will be redirected to the JMU registration page where you will enter your e-ID and password for authentication to the site.
  2. Set up your connection according to CampusNet Guides (for on-campus student computers).
  3. Make sure you are using an Ethernet network cable (larger than the skinny telephone cable) and it is plugged into a yellow (not purple) data jack on the wal.
  4. Try a different yellow data jack nearby (that is known to be a live jack)
  5. How to set up Mac Networking by OS
  6. Trash TCP/IP Preferences
    (In OS X you do not need to change preferences, In OS 7 to 9.x -Open Hard drive >> System Folder >> Preferences >> trash TCP/IP Preferences and then reboot machine..)
  7. Attempt to Ping another device on the network
  8. Check Appletalk settings

Other Operating Systems

Windows 7 Network Connection Troubleshooting

Windows Vista Network Connection Troubleshooting

Windows XP Network Connection Troubleshooting

Students in off-campus housing should contact their Internet Service Provider for network connection assistance.