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Solutions to Monitor Flicker?

Check the cables: First make sure the data cable that runs from the monitor to the cpu is screwed in tight. If it is, then wiggle the cable (near both connectors) and if your monitor changes color then you probably have a bad cable. Try using another cable to see it clears up the problem.

Environmental causes: Other electronic devices can cause interference. Things like other monitors, fans, speakers, and fluorescent lights can cause a wide range of issues. Try moving either your monitor or the other suspected device or plugging them into a different receptacle to see if the problem persist.

Often times, the annoying problem of monitor flicker can be remedied by these simple suggestions. However, if the problem persists after checking these things, it is possible that you have a software and/or hardware issue that will require further troubleshooting. Please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 568-3555.

CAUTION: Do not open a monitor case for any reason. Monitors can have 20000+ volts running thru it, even when it is turned off. Monitor repairs will be routed for you to PC Services through the IT Help Desk.