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Internet Explorer Add-ons

Not all Add-ons are safe and every Add-on should be installed with caution. Only computers running Windows XP Service pack 2 or Windows Vista will be able to use Add-ons.

Internet Explorer Add-ons have been created to enhance your web browsing experience. Add-ons can be anything from tool bars to multicolored cursors. Some Add-ons are harmful and can cause Internet Explorer to crash. The following are directions on how to manage Add-ons.

  • Open Internet Explorer, go to the Tools menu, select Manage Add-ons..., and click Enable or Disable Add-ons

  • A new window will appear displaying a list of Add-ons currently loaded in IE
  • Clicking the drop down arrow next to Show to display other Add-on views
  • Select one of the objects by simply left clicking on it
  • At the bottom of the window under Settings there will be an option to Enable or Disable the Add-on

  • Once an object is enabled or disabled, restart IE for the settings to take effect