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Prohibited and Unsupported Technologies

Personally Owned Wireless Routers, Hubs and Printers - Installation of personally-owned wireless routers, hubs and printers is prohibited due to the high probability of interference and security issues.

Gaming Devices/Consoles - Connecting gaming devices/consoles (for example, XBOX, PlayStation, and GameCube) and playing games on the network is not supported. 

Internet File Sharing Applications - Internet file sharing applications to include peer-to-peer programs such as LimeWire, KaZaA, BitTorrent, etc. are not supported. If JMU is alerted to possible violations of the copyright law, those committing the violation will be required to remedy the problem. Failure to respond to such a request will be handled in a manner consistent with existing JMU policies. For additional information and detail, please refer to File Sharing Applications and Copyright.