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Dell Diagnostics

What to know and how to run them

What to Know

Dell Diagnostics are traditionally a set of software tools that are included with all Dell Desktops and Laptops. Many times the Dell Support Tech on the telephone will ask a customer to run them and relay any errors that are found. These are handy for diagnosing suspected hardware issues.

Most desktops and laptops have the Dell Diagnostics on a hidden diagnostic partition that you can run if the drive was installed at the factory. This may not work if the hard drive has already been replaced.


How to run hardware diagnostics:
  1. At startup press F12 to get to Boot Menu
  2. Select Diagnostics from menu choices (if you need to run from CD there is a menu choice to do so here)
  3. Press enter and watch for any test to fail (take note of failures)
  4. Press Y at color bar display
  5. When test is finished it will ask to boot into diagnostics partition
  6. Select either Express or thorough test and take note of any errors (if it finds any errors - take note and select yes to continue to test)