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Changing e-ID Passwords on a Mac in JMU's Domain

  1. It is recommended that your computer is connected to the JMU network via an Ethernet cable.

  2. Navigate to https://accounts.jmu.edu/login/ and follow the steps for a password change.

  3. Once the password change has been completed, select Log Out from the Apple Menu.

    Mac Domain Password
    Note: Do Not Select SHUT DOWN or RESTART

  4. Once back at the login screen, enter your e-ID and NEW password.

  5. Mac Domain Password

  6. You will receive a Keychain prompt:

    Select  Update Keychain Password.

  7. Mac Domain Password

  8. You will receive a prompt for a password: Enter your PREVIOUS e-ID password.

    Entering your previous password will allow your previously established keychain to sync with your new password.

  9. Mac Domain Password

    Additionally, if you encounter a password change prompt at the login window select Continue.

    Mac Domain Password

    You will be unable to change your password via this screen, please utilize the JMU Accounts Portal.


    Note: Users with File Vault 2 may need to enter their PREVIOUS password at the initial File Vault 2 login screen until their keychain has been synced.