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  1. Who receives Dukes email accounts?
    All students.

  2. How long do students keep their Dukes account?
    JMU provides students with an email account that they can use while they are students and then take with them after they graduate. This service not only provides email and a calendar but also additional features that Microsoft may add.

  3. What is my Dukes email address?
    Your student Dukes email address is e-ID@dukes.jmu.edu, which differs from the email address of faculty and staff (e- ID@jmu.edu)

  4. What browsers can I use to access my Dukes account?
    Most web browsers support the Outlook Web application that you use to access your Dukes Account.  If you use a browser that doesn't support the full feature set, Outlook Web App will open in a light version.  For further details, visit Microsoft's Outlook Web App Supported Browsers knowledge base entry.

  5. Do all students have a SkyDrive Account for file storage?
    No, only those students who had a JMU email account prior to July 23, 2013 have a separate personal SkyDrive account with the same password and account name as their email account (eID@dukes.jmu.edu).  If these students change and then forget their SkyDrive password, they will need to visit the skydrive.live.com site for a password reset.  JMU does not maintain SkyDrive accounts and/or passwords.

    New student Dukes email accounts created and setup July 23, 2013 and forward do not have a personal SkyDrive account, but those students can request this service through Microsoft.

  6. Can I discontinue my Dukes account service when I graduate?
    If you wish to discontinue use of the account, you may simply stop using it. However, we do not delete the account. If you want to resume usage at a later date, it will still be available. If you do decide to stop using the account completely, we recommend that you turn off all forwarding rules that you have setup and consider creating an automatic reply (Out of Office) message to indicate that the account is no longer in use.


  1. Where do I get support when I have questions?
    • Check Microsoft's help within your Dukes Outlook Web App by clicking on the question mark "?".
    • If you have a problem setting up your account or a technical issue, please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 540-568-3555.


  1. Will I use my JMU e-ID and password to access my Dukes account?
    No. Your login and password for Dukes will be different than your JMU e-ID and e-ID password. Your Dukes login will be e-ID@dukes.jmu.edu and your password will be whatever you decided upon when you set up your Dukes account.

  2. Will I have to change my Dukes password every 90 days like my JMU e-ID password?
    No. You don't have to change your Dukes password. However, you have the option to have the system require you to change it every 72 days if you prefer. For security purposes, it is recommended that you change your password periodically.

  3. What should I do if I forget my email password?
    You can reset it through MyMadison on the MyAccounts tab. Look for the "Dukes Email Password" section. Please DO NOT click the "Can't Access Your Account?" link on the Dukes Office 365 login page.


  1. If I am primarily a student but also work on campus as a student employee, which email system will I use?
    It depends. If your employer determines you need access to the faculty and staff Exchange email system, they can request an Exchange account for you. In this case, you will have two email addresses: e-ID@jmu.edu (an Exchange account for work-related use) and e-ID@dukes.jmu.edu (a Dukes account for student use). Your Exchange account will only remain active for the duration of your employment with the department, or when the department determines you no longer need the account to fulfill your job duties-whichever occurs first. On the other hand, your employer may determine that you don't need an Exchange account and conduct any correspondence with you through your Dukes account.

  2. If I have both a Dukes account and an Exchange account, where will my email be delivered?
    Email addressed to e-ID@dukes.jmu.edu will be delivered to your Dukes account. Email addressed to e- ID@jmu.edu will be delivered to your Exchange account.

  3. I am both a student and an employee. I have a Dukes account for my schoolwork and an Exchange account for my job. Will student-related emails automatically go to my Dukes account, and employee-related emails automatically go to my Exchange account?
    The goal is “YES!”. We are still working with the different systems on campus to send emails to the appropriate place depending on the context of the message. For now, it is important to monitor both accounts, or setup your Dukes account to forward email to your Exchange account so all your messages reside in one place.

  4. I am a faculty (staff) member as well as a student. I already have an Exchange email account. Do I need to follow the procedures to setup my student Dukes account as well?
    Yes, you should setup your Dukes account at your earliest convenience. You will have two email accounts and addresses: an e-ID@jmu.edu account for your employee-related work and an e-ID@dukes.jmu.edu account for your student work.  emails addressed to e-ID@jmu.edu will be delivered to your employee account (Exchange); emails addressed to e-ID@dukes.jmu.edu will be delivered to your student account (Dukes). If you would like to manage all your email in one place, you can have Dukes emails delivered to your employee account by setting up forwarding:
    • Log in to http://dukes.jmu.edu with your e-ID@dukes.jmu.edu account
    • Click on Options in the top right hand corner of the screen
    • Click Forward your mail using Inbox rules in the box on the right side of the screen.

  5. Can I keep track of other email accounts (such as Gmail) from within my Dukes account?
    Yes, please see Microsoft’s instructions on how to keep track of email from other accounts by connecting to them from your Outlook Web App account. You can connect up to five other accounts, such as Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo! Mail accounts. This lets you send, receive, and read mail from all the accounts in one place. 

  6. Will I still be able to forward email from my Dukes account to my Gmail account (or other)?
    Yes. However, we encourage you to get familiar with all that Dukes has to offer and use it as your primary email system. Also, all official JMU correspondence with you will be sent to your Dukes account.  If you still wish to forward messages to another account, please see Microsoft’s "Use Rules to Automatically Forward Messages to Another Account."

  7. Can I access my Dukes email with a desktop client such as Outlook ?
    Yes, you can access your account with different email clients (such as Outlook Mac Mail, etc). To find your desktop client IMAP or POP, port and SSL settings, sign in to your Dukes account and click the ? for Help, then click About.  
    Note: If you don't know whether to use IMAP4 or POP3, consider IMAP4 because it supports more features and always keeps a local copy of the message on the server after you retrieve a copy to your local computer. 

  8. How can I get more information on using Outlook Web App to access my Dukes account?
    Get help with Outlook Web App when you login to your Dukes email account at http://dukes.jmu.edu.

  9. How to create a rule in Dukes email. Step-by-step directions to redirect email to a specified email folder.

Mobile Devices

  1. Can I access my Dukes email on an iOS device ( iphone, iPad or iPod Touch)?
    Yes, this document describes the general setup process and how to determine the appropriate server.

  2. Can I access my Dukes email on an Android device (phone or tablet)?
    Yes this document describes the general setup process.

  3. Can I access my Dukes email on a other mobile devices?
    Yes, Microsoft provides a comprehensive list of instructions for setting up email and more on a mobile device.  Note:  where Microsoft lists email address or username in their instructions, type in your Dukes email address (e-ID@dukes.jmu.edu). Where Microsoft lists domain in their instructions, leave it blank.  Where Microsoft lists domain\username, use e-ID@dukes.jmu.edu.  Where Microsoft lists how to find your server, use m.outlook.com.