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If you want to request your Chapter 30 benefits for an upcoming semester or session, you will need to:

  • Complete the JMU Veterans Education Benefits Request form emailed to you from auto_notification@jmu.edu 
  • It will be emailed to you during registration and requires an advisor signature for any course needed for your major.
  • Return it to a School Certifying Official in the Registrar's Office once your schedule is finalized. Delivery information found on the form.

What happens after submitting all required documents for the upcoming semester?

JMU's VA Certifying Official will process a student's benefit request form approximately one month prior to the start of the semester/term (once all required documents are received) and within 6-8 weeks, VA will generate and mail an active award benefit letter to the student. 

You must verify your attendance on the last calendar day of each month for your monthly stipend to be released. Please reference this link for more information.

Monthly payments are mailed to the provided bank account in the original application. Monthly payments are paid in arrears. All JMU charges must be paid upfront by the University deadline each semester.


  • In order for a course to be included in an enrollment to VA, it must meet major, minor, general education, allowed elective, or degree requirements for graduation, or an approved certificate or teacher licensure program to qualify. All majors (including tracks and concentrations) and minors must be declared on your transcript.
  • The JMU Veteran Education Benefits Request form is required every semester benefits are requested.  After your 1st semester using your VA Benefits at JMU, the JMU Request form will be emailed to you after registration for the upcoming semester. 

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