Your contributions of time, expertise, and funding help our students throughout the year.

Share your expertise

Guest speaking
  • Sharing your expertise with our students inside the classroom & in public lectures enriches our programs.
    • Want to serve as a guest speaker? Please contact us at
Career talks & informational interviewing
  • Talks about career fields are a core element of our career development programming.
  • Even when you cannot come to Harrisonburg, you can help a student by offering to conduct an informational intervew about your career experiences.
  • Each semester, the department's Alumni Board hosts a career development event with panel discussions, workshops, & receptions for our students.
    • Want to talk with students about your career? Please contact us at
Employer recruiting 
  • JMU's Career Center offers job & internship fairs each year.
  • Beyond the periodic university-wide fairs at JMU, our department hosts recruitment events for specific organizations throughout the year.
    • If your organization would like to hold a recruiting session for our students, please contact us at

Provide a financial contribution

Our students benefit each year from the generous financial contributions targeted toward our programs.  The following list summarizes some of the specific giving opportunities available:

This annual fund campaign supports all of the department's programs by helping to pay for various enrichment activities -- guest speakers, student participation in off-campus simulation teams & conferences, and other activities. Click to read more about the impact of these donations on our students.

Give to Political Science 

Support the Political Science Equity Fund to increase diversity, equity, inclusion, justice and access.

Give to the Equity Fund

This annual fund finances the need-based scholarship that is offered each semester to cover the difference between the cost of participating in the Washington Semester & a normal semester on campus. Read more about this scholarship program and profiles of scholarship recipients.

Give to Washington Semester

This annual fund finances a renewable need-based scholarship that is offered each year to a transfer student majoring in our department.

Give to Transfer Student Scholarships

This annual fund finances guest speakers & simulations in our year-long M.A. program offered in Florence, Italy on European Union Policy Studies.

Give to EU Policy Studies

This endowment campaign honors Paul Cline, JMU's first political science professor. The endowment funds a scholarship that supports experiential learning by our undergraduate majors (internships, study abroad, etc.).

Give to the Paul Cline Scholarship

This endowment honors all of the professors who followed in Paul Cline's footsteps. The endowment supports departmental faculty teaching and research in a project-oriented manner. 

For more details on the retired professors honored by this campaign and for more information on the work funded by this endowment, click here.

Give to the Endowment

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